Zak + Fox’s latest textile line plumbs the ocean depths – SURFACE

Zak Profera has always put his desire for adventure and discovery at the heart of his New York textile studio Zak + Fox, which has become a go-to source for handcrafted fabrics and traditionally printed wallpapers. Sea Change, the brand’s newest and most comprehensive collection to date, is no different. Across 16 new textiles and three wallpapers, references to maritime tales and mysterious ocean depths come through in a host of marine-inspired hues that Profera has dreamed up over the past four years – a period of time in which change was a defining theme.

To craft the new collection, which employs processes, yarns and constructions previously unused to the studio, Profera relied on the expertise of the world’s finest mills and artisans. “Some of the factories and manufacturers we work with are small and have worked to maintain their family businesses for three, four or even five generations – their work is an incredibly intimate process,” he says. “Their techniques are quite traditional and use artisanal looms rather than sophisticated industrial machinery. There is a tipping point in manufacturing and creation where something too new and shiny strips the product of its heart and character.

Sea Change, on the other hand, keeps myth and fantasy emphasizing its nautical themes at the forefront. A pattern mimics shimmering wandering fronds floating in shallow waters; another suggests a moonlight train shining from the horizon to the shore. Bringing the collection full circle, Profera has teamed up with interiors photographer Stephen Kent Johnson to recreate folkloric scenes from a forgotten era using artifacts and antiques from the Mystic Seaport Village, one of the first maritime museums in the world. world that preserves lost artifacts of America’s maritime past. “We chose this location because of its importance to New England’s nautical past,” says Profera, “and to illustrate mankind’s eternal relationship with the sea.” Sea Change is now available online and in the Zak + Fox showroom.

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