World Surf League CEO Erik Logan suffers a life-threatening reef injury in Tahiti, spectacularly stabilized by Assistant Commissioner Renato Hickel and Chief Judge Pritamo Ahrendt as the camera rolls!

Shame on us but especially on you.

We are, each of us, assholes. You, of course, but every blue moon me too. But can we go back, once again, to the just wrapped Outerknown Tahiti Pro that provided fireworks, superlatives, moments that will live on in our shared history forever and ever? I see no reason not to as it is gray and dreary in Southern California today and the memories of impossibly green hills rising out of impossibly blue waters are better than the gloom.


A fantastic show though you should feel terrible about your first round response from Filipe Toledo against the world’s greatest surfer Kelly Slater and Slater employee Nathan Hedge. The waves were awfully good, that heat, the focus on the terrifying with the commercial Slater and Hedge bombs while the current best surfer in the world collapsed simply terrified.

Oh, you cheered on Slater and Hedge, but spent most of your time challenging Toledo, wondering about his courage, self-protection more than glory.

Me too, lightly, in a moment of weakness, I admit.

Well, we should all be ashamed of ourselves, more than me, because, in an act of synchronicitysurfing inspiration Jonah Hill released a statement at the same time that Toledo wasn’t paddling that said he was also choosing to rock back, metaphorically, and would no longer promote his films, publicly, because that induced anxiety.

Unlike you, me, and our sick, fun, Hill has been universally praised for his bold stance of self-protection. By industry publication Deadline:

Jonah Hill received plaudits for recently sharing his decision to step back from promoting his films to protect his sanity.

After the Superbad star opened up in a public letter he shared on Deadline, claiming he had suffered from anxiety attacks for 20 years, exacerbated by media appearances and public events, two psychologists have told the BBC the importance of his message to the wider audience.

Dr Sandra Wheatley told the BBC that ‘someone with so much to lose is actually ready to step back’ should be admired.

She said celebrities are constantly performing whenever they are out in public. “But when they’re offstage, they go back to being who they really are. So celebrities need to remember that this persona in the media is an imitation that you have, not you as an individual, and that can be difficult to balance. .

Consultant psychologist Dr Elena Bailey agreed that celebrities are ‘very vulnerable’ in the public eye and that stepping back like Hill did is ‘self-protective behaviour’.

“It’s because the type of attention, feedback and commentary on your life can have a very big impact on your mental health, causing a lot of anxiety, negative thoughts, symptoms of depression,” he said. she declared.

Really, shame on you.

Deep shame.

A little about me too, but just a little.

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