Why is Burlington closing so early?


My husband, I and our best friends went to Burlington for dinner last night for the first time and we were quite shocked at what happened when we left for dinner.

We ate at the Riverview Restaurant and Bar, which is at the end of High Street in Burlington. We parked on the street and then headed to the restaurant as our reservation was at 7pm.

We had dinner with our friends and decided to have a few more drinks before heading home.

When we left the restaurant we started walking in the opposite direction since Riverview was at the end of the street.

When we got out of Riverview, it looked like a scene from The Walking Dead. Completely empty. It was so weird to me, mostly because it was such a cute downtown.

All the shops were completely closed and we were looking for a bar. The only two places open were a small brasserie and a bar which was also attached to a restaurant.

We chose the bar which was attached to the restaurant and of course the restaurant was closed, but we had a great time there. Drinks and baseball. Even for a Friday night, the place was not crowded at all.

I would really love to come back to Burlington, but I feel like more businesses need to stay open later. There were so many apartments right at the end of the High Street, I bet the people who live there would like other businesses to stay open a bit later.

I’m from Middlesex and Somerville is very close. Somerville has a great downtown area and many shops and bars open late. Maybe Burlington needs more bars and restaurants on the High Street?

It’s such a cute neighborhood, I would like to see it develop a little more. Overall we had a great time.

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