Welcome to Brightside – Art Collection Redefines Wallpaper

A few weeks after the launch of his new collection of works of art Bad Romance at the Mondrian LA, Welcome to the Brightside the artist Katie Brightside is taken by two galleries!

The Bad Romance, Pretty Toxic Thing, art exhibition premiering at the Magic Box at Mondrian West Hollywood, June 2022. It is inspired by the song of the same name. Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance blends overarching lyrical meaning and fairy tale to create a new world of highly imaginative wall art. The work explores pretty things that are toxic.

The collection, which redefines wallpaper, includes a series of 84 works of art, an Oracle map and a set of coloring books, as well as a hand-painted Instagramable mural on the wall. sky bar entrance wall, in collaboration with Artlounge Collective and paintings sponsored by Dunn Edwards.

Artlounge Collective was the first to sign Welcome to the Brightside into their growing management company, led by artist and entrepreneur K. Ryan Henisey @artloungecollective.

“You can feel the magic behind Katie’s work,” says Henisey. “She has created a delicate and unique world that invites you to explore all its depths. Each illustration touches on the next, creating windows into a fully developed view of the beautiful and the dangerous.

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines Wallpaper

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines Wallpaper

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines WallpaperThe artist’s layered compositions incorporate artistic application of design and wallpaper, reinventing pretty things that are also toxic. Mushrooms, angel trumpets, handcuffs and skulls combine with other flora and fauna to present a vibrant display in vivid colors on metallic papers.

Bad Romance is a portal to the world of imagination,” says Brightside. “Each pretty toxic thing is a beautiful microcosm unto itself, rich in symbolism. The artwork, mural, oracle cards and coloring book are meant to inspire. They encourage others to look beyond reality.

Brightside focuses on illustrating the telling of fables and moralizing stories. The exhibition at the Magic Box was an opportunity to explain the meaning behind the symbolism and metaphors of the work. She then tackled this by creating a deck of Oracle cards and a set of coloring instruction guides that worked hand-in-hand with the show’s artwork.

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines Wallpaper

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines Wallpaper

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines WallpaperAll the works of Bad Romance are available through Artlounge Collective, which now displays artwork in multiple locations in the Los Angeles area, including a brand new location in La Brea/Beverly, Mondrian Los Angeles, and The Artist Tree.

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines Wallpaper
Horizon, 2021. © Jeff Mclane

Another example of the symbolism in Brightside’s work is the 2021 commission by Lauren Miller’s Modern Art Services (MAS) to create original artwork for the skylights in the state-of-the-art MRI rooms at the New City of Hope, Orange County Cancer Center.

Brightside has created a radical imaginative project that calms and distracts the patient from their reality. A reality with many possibilities that can cause anxiety. The intention was for the patient to occupy his thoughts for a second by focusing on the dreamscapes, thus making the time pass a little more pleasantly.

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines Wallpaper
Serenity, 2021. © Jeff Mclane

“It was such a pleasure to work with Katie on the City of Hope stained glass windows. The artwork was designed with the patient in mind and features soft watercolor visuals of flowers, butterflies, koi fish and hummingbirds to give a sense of visual movement while providing a beautiful distraction to help patients to relax during the treatment. Lauren Miller states (MAS).

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines WallpaperReyne Hirsch, a seasoned collector on the lookout for up-and-coming artists, discovered Brightside and snapped it up in July for the Patrick Jones Gallery in Dallas. The gallery represents the Welcome to the Brightside wall art series, The Digs Collection.

At the end of 2019, Brightside is developing a more accessible business model – The collection of excavations, with Welcome to Brightside Creative Agency, private commissions starting at $10,000. The Digs Collection is a publicly available mailing line for private commissions with murals starting at $950 a panel.

The goal was to create a series of ready-to-use murals and large-scale artworks that redefine wallpaper.

The collection of excavations appropriated the original motto, “home is where your toothbrush is”, which reminds us that “home” is an ever-evolving concept. The collection of excavations, therefore, reflects this metamorphic concept as a tangible work of art in your home, or personal sanctuary, to wake you up each day as a new butterfly and begin another day of transformation. The philosophy is to evoke a home with aspirations, either of who you are or who you want to become. It’s more than just a work of art; it is a moral to be respected.

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines WallpaperIt’s been an amazing first half of 2022 with more exciting things to watch. In particular, the announcement that in early 2023, Brightside is set to collaborate with the Hyatt interior team on the renovation of the infamous Andaz Hotel, Sunset Strip. Brightside intends to bring its full creative force to bear with a site-specific concept as a feature wall in 239 rooms. This incredible commission was secured by Brightside in early 2022 with a sample mural that inspired an entire hotel to renovate.

Welcome to Brightside - Art Collection Redefines Wallpaper

Brightside is a California resident and was recently awarded a 2022 City of West Hollywood Public Arts Fellowship and a 2021 Women in Leadership Award. To follow Brightside’s creative life and adventures, follow @welcometothebrightside on Instagram .

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