We visit the hotel The Robey of Grupo Habita in Chicago

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By Ella Marshall and Ellie Stathaki

Chicago’s The Robey is a cleverly designed offering by Grupo Habita

Mexico-based Grupo Habita’s The Robey, a bustling hotel in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood is all the rage

A cleverly designed hotel destination cements the hustle and bustle of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. The Robey, one of Mexico-based Grupo Habita’s US properties, is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s crowded downtown area, but has managed to generate an air of excitement all its own.

As the only skyscraper for miles around, The Robey calls attention to this creative ‘hood’. Located in the 12-story art deco northwest tower, the 69-room hotel has been transformed by Belgian design firms and occasional collaborators Nicolas Schuybroek Architects and Marc Merckx Interiors, and is firmly rooted in its history. emblematic house. Schuybroek, the mastermind behind sophisticated designs such as JJM House in Brussels, is a skilled hand at balancing warmth and minimalism, rawness and sophistication.

Guests of the Robey, aimed at lovers of timeless elegance, can take advantage of the private rooftop lounge. Photography: Nathan Kirkman

“Every floor tells a story,” says Merckx. “It’s all about comfort and the feeling of being at home, embracing the creative atmosphere and the heritage of the neighborhood. So the minimalist furnishings, parquet floors and clever lighting of Chicago-based Filament 33 impart an atmosphere of simple luxury, both in the rooms and in the Franco-American-style Café Robey. “The design was conceived as a subtle balance between the American style and clean, timeless, almost Belgian interiors,” adds Schuybroek. “A harmony between the old and the new, the European and the American, unpretentious and elegant, timeless and warm.

The property has really been booming since it opened in 2017, offering visitors the opportunity to sample the world of Habita as the group managed to carve out a niche for themselves in this thriving corner of Chicago. And why Chicago? “For its authenticity,” says Carlos Couturier, co-founder of Habita. “It’s a real community with unique values. It is the crossroads of America – trains, planes, roads merge in Chicago – and finally, for its great past and its astonishing architecture. As Frank Lloyd Wright once said: “Ultimately Chicago will be the most beautiful and the largest city in America.

We were so impressed with The Robey’s energy that we chose it as the location for our Next Generation Photoshoot – a series of portraits of emerging and exciting architectural practices from the American Midwest, featured in our January 2022 issue of Wallpaper *. Read more here. §

As originally featured in the January 2017 issue of Wallpaper * (W * 214)

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