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The Armadale house combines minimalism and warmth

Conrad Architects and Mim Design collaborate on a contemporary home in Melbourne’s suburb of Armadale that combines timeless minimalism, classic proportions and home warmth

This beautiful Armadale home on the outskirts of Melbourne city center represents the perfect balance between interiors and architecture, minimalism and subtle glamor. The house was created in collaboration between two renowned Australian design studios: Conrad Architects, who originated the overall architecture; and Mim Design, who designed the interior. The result is the Armadale Residence, a family home designed with a clean balance and timeless quality materials.

“The project is driven by a shared reverence for timeless design, tactile materials and quality, meeting the client’s specifications for an elegant and comfortable home of generous proportions, worthy of its prestigious location,” the team explains.

The architects responded to the brief by composing a design that relies on grandiose and classic proportions and plays with open and opaque surfaces that give an elegant rhythm to the facades. The colonnade of the facade is a key example, made of limestone and offering not only a visually powerful grid that accentuates the verticality and defines the overall look of the house, but also intelligently creates space for a series of details, such as bronze patio doors, balustrades, planters, and louvered screens.

Inside, there is an impression of calm and uncluttered luxury. Designers worked with clean lines and surfaces, softened by fabrics (like the ethereal curtains throughout) and key elements (like the sculptural, curved staircase) to manage open spaces, with areas defined by graphic elements. , such as partitions and carpentry.

“The residence is defined by a linear circulation spine directly connecting the front and the rear and providing separation between public and private areas. The open kitchen, living room and dining room unfold as luxurious and bright living spaces, offering framed views over a well-tended garden, ”explains the interior team. Herringbone parquet, polished plaster walls, cloudy Versilia marble, rich wood joinery, and gunmetal faucets make up the material palette inside. The outdoor space and the plantation were designed by Paul Bangay Garden Design.

The carefully woven and perfectly orchestrated architecture and interiors of the Armadale Residence by Conrad Architecture and Mim Design ensure that the house is majestic and refined, but at the same time warm and comfortable, suitable for everyday family life. §

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