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To the joy of some and the horror of others, wallpaper is back in fashion!

Scott Skinner, owner and interior designer of STS Decorating & Design, recognizes the stigma surrounding the use of wallpaper, but says that in the right situation, wallpaper can be the happiest part of a design project. design.

“While paint is still the most popular wall covering, when you have a lot of common walls in a house or building, sometimes it’s good to break them,” Skinner said. “Wallpaper can be an element of diversity in design and a great contrast to paint. ”

One of Skinner’s favorite places to use wallpaper is a powder room.

“A powder room is usually a small space, but wallpaper can create a huge impact,” he said.

Not just for the walls

Skinner has also been ahead of the trend of using wallpaper on the ceiling.

“It’s always been a classic style, and although I’ve used it this way a few times in the past, it seems like a new trend in the decor world,” Skinner said.

He also suggests using wallpaper on the backs of bookcases or on the flat part of a shaker panel door, which he did in a nursery to add color and patterns.

Skinner says a little wallpaper can go a long way to make a statement, but advises considering the scale of a room’s furniture. Another thing to consider when using very colorful wallpaper is the amount of natural light as opposed to bulb lighting.

New patterns, colors

Wallpaper styles vary from classic damask or stripe to the most daring in abstract and whimsical terms. Current wallpaper style trends are geometric patterns, large-scale abstracts, and vintage floral designs. Color tones include corals, terracotta, sage green, red and gold tones. The most classic wallpaper is grass canvas, which never goes out of style and comes in a variety of colors.

“I used a classic brown to a navy blue color. It all depends on where you might need a “wow” moment. Wallpaper also makes a great accent wall and can reflect the personality of the owner, ”Skinner said.

Removable wallpaper

One of the current trends in wallpaper is removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper is ideal for children and others whose styles change frequently.

“Removable wallpapers come in lots of fun, urban prints and are very economical. You will still need to cut removable papers, and some are even washable. They tend to be less durable and less strong than a traditional glued paper backing, ”Skinner said.

Once you’ve selected the wallpaper you want to use, Skinner stresses the importance of proper preparation.

“Back in the days when it seemed to be increasing every hour or so, preparation wasn’t necessarily at the top of the list. That’s why removing wallpaper can become difficult and time-consuming, ”Skinner explained. “If installed correctly and with the right support, it will last for many years and, when it is time to retire, will be easier to take apart. ”

Skinner encourages people to use wallpaper to complement certain rooms.

“Don’t let wallpaper be your enemy. There are many sources online, and most of the time for a small fee you can order a sample. Think of wallpaper as art; there is something for everyone, from the most traditional to the most fun and creative. Classic wallpaper never goes out of style.

Faith Dorn hasn’t had wallpaper in her house for over 20 years but is starting to reconsider her decision. Contact her at [email protected]

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