This seven-year-old artist sells her works for TAAG


Like many young girls, Rowyn Thyne loves animals and painting. This seven-year-old combined the two and found a way to help TAAG (The Animal Assistance Group).

Thyne took the time to paint pictures and sell them in order to raise funds for the group.

TAAG is a local, volunteer-run organization that aims to help homeless cats stay healthy and eventually be adopted. The group relies on fundraising, sponsorship and donations from the community.

“It was her idea, with school closures and COVID, she was looking for things to do so we found these things online called paint parties and she really enjoyed them,” said DJ Thyne, the father. by Rowyn and owner of Thyne’s Family Bakery.

Rowyn started painting and selling in March 2021 and has sold around 15-20 paintings so far. She paints her paintings by attending paint parties – Facebook Live videos that walk painters step by step on how to create certain paintings.

“We’re pretty close with TAAG owner Cheryl Alberta telling us they can’t fundraiser like they used to, so we realized COVID was eating away at TAAG’s fundraising capabilities. It’s something we really care about here, so she jumped on it right away and asked if she could start selling paintings for them, ”Thyne said.

Supporting an organization like TAAG means a lot to Rowyn and her family.

“It’s something that is very dear to us. We’re doing our best to set up our new bakery and turn half of it into a cat cafe where people can come in and sit with the cats that are up for adoption and hopefully adopt them, ”Thyne told About the new bakery they’re working on opening asap.

“I was very proud of her when she said she wanted to do that. It was almost in tears,” Thyne said. “We do our best to try to be charitable so that got me. gave the impression that we taught him well. ”

“Seeing her follow in our footsteps and find something she believed in enough to want to do, especially finding out that the shelter was struggling to get the fundraiser it normally receives, was a very proud moment,” said he declared.

“I think it’s important for everyone to help organizations that are important to them. In our case, organizations that help animals and children are things my wife and I have always sponsored. We are very happy to see our children follow suit ”,

“I am very proud of her for making changes in our community,” said Bobbi-Lee, Rowyn’s mother.

Rowyn’s paintings can be found on TAAG’s social media pages, or you can contact the Thynes if you would like a painting of your own.

“I love all the animals out there and if they didn’t have enough money they couldn’t buy food for all of them,” Rowyn said of the inspiration behind her idea.

So far Rowyn has painted a dragonfly, a frog, two rabbit paintings and more.

The 3rd grade student at Queen Elizabeth Public School herself has nine cats, all adopted by TAAG.

“I love cats but I also love guinea pigs, rabbits and fish. But of them all, I think I like cats the most, ”she added. “I have a few more people who would like paintings, and I hope more people ask for them. “

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