This restaurant was voted best of the best in New Jersey

Some of New Jersey’s great attractions and institutions are our restaurants. With over 600 diners here in the Garden State, we are the restaurant capital of the world – OK, maybe just in the United States. I don’t know how many guests there are in India or China.

The Patch took the top 37 best restaurants here in the state and held a vote with their criteria and the results were that the famed Summit Diner was voted the best restaurant in New Jersey.

The Summit Dinner is an establishment. It opened in 1928 and began serving a railroad car in 1938. It is the epitome of a Jersey Diner.

I love the history of the restaurant and how they keep the food and atmosphere true to form. Step into the Summit Diner and the atmosphere, smell and feel will take you to the restaurants of the past. It’s literally a walk through history, I love it.

attachment – summit dinner menu

I’ve made a few trips to the historic restaurant and loved every minute of it.

The Summit Diner is famous for its corned beef hash, which I love and highly recommend. I get it with a few eggs on top. It is very good. The other famous menu item is their Taylor Ham egg and cheese sandwich. Don’t call this roll pork, like I did once and only once, at the Summit Diner. Holy hell broke out as a result of my mistake. At the Summit Diner, they call him Taylor Ham. I don’t care what you call it, the sandwich is exceptional.

Their homemade fries are excellent, the omelettes and pancakes are good. They have a great dinner.

They are open at 5:30 am for business people who want a good breakfast. Make the trip to Summit and enjoy the experience, but don’t ask for a pork sandwich.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. All opinions expressed are those of Big Joe.

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