This modular 3D printed basketball shoe in pieces for comfort, cushioning and traction has a green heart


Basketball shoes need the perfect blend of breathability, cushioning, support, and traction. Due to the performance load, they tend to wear out quickly and end up in landfills. As an ingenious alternative with the same feats, an industrial designer who loves basketball and footwear designed a 3D printed modular sneaker system that is designed to match the standards of a Dunk High while still feeding off its concept of repairability. .

The idea of ​​sustainability permeates the footwear industry in a major way. While local startups and manufacturers have taken the first big step, it is market leaders like Nike and adidas who are now catching up with their performance shoes wearing a green conscience. Basketball shoes have not yet been affected by this wind of change; Obviously, this is really not how it will be in the years to come and already a unique concept proves it.

This durable basketball sneaker is conceptualized by Dennis Johann Mueller. There has been a lot of back and forth from the drawing board to the prototype, but the end result in pictures is overall a concept worth seeing with some subtle commercial tweaks of course.

The silhouette for me is above all a rage for its repairability quotient, a bit like the Fairphone clear conscience. The shoe is designed in detachable parts; for example, the upper, upper, midsole, and outsole are all created separately to ultimately form a cohesive unit that can be worn on the hardwood court. This design essentially gives users the freedom to adjust different parts of the shoe to their different needs for comfort and play, and when they start to wear out, only the affected part is recreated and replaced so that the shoe can be worn. worn like new.

To meet the demands of an excellent basketball shoe, this modular sneaker features a lightweight, perforated upper for good breathability. For added comfort, the tongue and ankle areas feature inflatable padding, which can be adjusted as needed. The removable midsole, forefoot and heel regions feature detailed padding, while the translucent outsole wraps around the entire sneaker to act like its skin.

The complete set is held together by a drawstring locking system that secures the upper, midsole, and outsole together without glue. This helps keep every part of the shoe handy for recycling at the end of its life. So imagine a scenario where you can replace parts of the shoe for the best fit and your playing style on the fly. When one part of the shoe wears out, you can have a new one tailored to perfection and assembled with the existing parts for reuse while the waste is recycled. This is exactly what we would like to achieve for the future of the footwear industry, and Dennis’ efforts are a laudable step in that direction!

Designate: Dennis johann mueller

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