The Solana NFT project offers emojis instead of the promised illustrations


Solana NFT enthusiasts remained stunned after a supposed 17-year-old digital artist allegedly took 1,000 SOL in a fake NFT project.

The artist has been accused of what is called “carpet shooting” in the crypto community. A “carpet pull” occurs when a project fails to materialize and runs away with all the funds invested.

Iconics had promised to produce 8,000 NFT in the form of random 3D artwork of busts with a range of attributes. The project was scheduled to launch on September 30, with 2,000 NFT available for 0.5 SOL to those who had early access through presale.

The 2,000 pre-sale NFTs sold out quickly, and users eagerly awaited the reveal to see what they hit. Instead, editors who got early access through presale received an NFT containing 20 random emojis and quickly took to Twitter to express their frustration at being seemingly duped.

Twitter user @adhcrypto took to Twitter to share an image of his expensive emoji-based artwork

A user called ‘FreeCartel’ noted that the creators of the project were a father-son duo and that “ICONICS had all the good signs of a good project», Further aggravating the frustration felt by the community.

FreeCartel also listed a number of points that indicated the project was possible a scam, including the use of an “on.fleek” domain to hit NFTs, no community management, and the use of automatically approved transactions.

To add insult to injury, the creators also said they were revealing their identities after the typing process in a Discord faq.

Popular Solana NFT account SOLBigBrain was also caught up in the scandal, saying “Shit .. @IconicsSol just ROBUST. I pre-sold for 2K at .5 and left with, I think, 1000 SOL”.

“Sorry for everyone who took the L here.” I hit a bunch of them too because the art looked good. Lesson learned, ”they added.

Following the botched typing, the Discord chat channel was disabled, no further announcements were made, and his Twitter account was deleted.

However, the Solana NFT community has since come together and a range of projects have been launched on Twitter to offer air drops, 50% discounts on strikes and one-for-one trades for those unlucky enough to own a. now dubious piece of Solana NFT history.

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