The prank feature Pokemon Go fans want for real

Niantic probably didn’t expect its players to clamor for a prank, but for some fans, the innocent prank aesthetic made all the difference. On a Reddit post lamenting the removal of the feature, one commenter said, “that was really cool [and] I think this made my game load my Pokemon roster faster. I bet people with slower phones could benefit from this comeback, but also for nostalgia reasons.” Other users echoed similar sentiments, saying, “Few friends of mine have come back in [‘Pokémon Go’] with this update just because of the nostalgia factor. Unfortunately, they slowly got out of balance when they were removed.”

Whether it’s for the nostalgic designs or the functional performance improvements that some players have experienced through graphics downscaling, many are currently asking Niantic to bring the joke feature back into the game. For “Pokémon Go” players who don’t care about functionality, it doesn’t seem like much harm could be done if the retro Pokemon aesthetic was added as an option that could be turned on or off. As to whether Niantic will answer the fan call for the feature film, that remains to be seen. If nothing else, maybe he’ll at least make a brief return for the pranksters holiday in a few weeks.

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