The new Georg Jensen jewelry collection by Jacqueline Rabun

Punk meets tradition in Jacqueline Rabun’s new jewelry for Georg Jensen

The classic chain is reimagined in the new jewelry collection, ‘Reflect’

Jacqueline Rabun was inspired by the peculiarities of the London subculture of the 90s in a new jewelry collection for Georg Jensen, “Reflect”. Sterling silver is transformed into sculptural links in the collection’s rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, in a contemporary take on the classic chain.

“The collection was inspired by my early work, from a series called ‘Raw Elegance,'” the designer tells us. “It was conceived in the early 90s when I set up my studio in London. I looked back and reflected on my background and how the experience of living in a multicultural society and the subcultures that existed at that time inspired my work, including punk.

Jewelry’s ability to act as a medium of expression is referenced in the collection’s name, encapsulating the nuances of an era that encouraged self-promotion. It’s an homage that’s reflected in the curved, chunky ties that wrap around to form chunky silhouettes. Undulating waves form flowing bracelets or encompass a single yoke in a swirl of silver in minimalist rings.

“My dream was to create a modern chain design incorporating everything that played a part in shaping my design language and, more importantly, the organic, sculptural world of Georg Jensen,” adds Rabun. ‘The beauty of self-expression and individuality are important in my work. My main goal here was to create a unique collection of flowing jewelry for Georg Jensen.’

For Georg Jensen’s creative director, Ragnar Hjartarson, the collection blends this avant-garde aesthetic with the traditional artistry at the heart of the brand, an ethos that comes to life in the campaign shot at a historic Copenhagen location and featuring the Prince Felix of Denmark and model Fiona Reventlow. -Grinling. “This beautiful collection gives the classic chain a brand new and contemporary look, while retaining the superior and expert craftsmanship that Georg Jensen is known for,” he says. §

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