The hardest part about Christmas? Gift wrapping

So what’s the hardest part for you while on vacation? Groceries? Find something for the one person that is impossible to please?

These are all very real concerns. Some people wait until the last minute to rush out to do their Christmas shopping. My problem is far more complex than any of them.

Let’s face it, Christmas is here. Yes, we have to spend Thanksgiving first, but it will be hazy

I ran into something this morning that will take all of my stress away. I have no problem going to the mall, finding a parking spot, and browsing the throngs of other vacation shoppers for some great ideas. My permanent inability to WRAP gifts is and always will be my handicap. I’m basically like Edward Scissorhands when it comes to wrapping Christmas paper around a gift, tape and a bow on it. This Saturday my rescue is available here in Bismarck.

My favorite people – those who know how to wrap gifts

Yes, my heroes will be available THIS Saturday! According to KX NET, “The Bismarck Optimist Club will help you this Saturday for a small fee. On November 27, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., club volunteers will take care of the packing stations at the old Woodmansee location in downtown Bismarck. , 114 North 4th Street “I can’t think of anything more perfect than this.

Not only will your gifts be spectacular, but you will be contributing to a good cause

A small fee is enough to take away any frustration with gift wrapping, and KX NET adds that the money raised will benefit local youth programs in the Bismarck-Mandan community. So now all the hard work is done!

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