The Bryanston Launches Apartment by David Collins Studio

Bryanston’s colorful apartment is an inner haven

Bryanston’s latest apartment interior concept is an impeccably curated space by David Collins Studio with Nick Vinson of Vinson&Co

Bryanston Apartments make the most of a vibrant, upmarket area of ​​central London, the greenery of Hyde Park on their doorstep, and the architecture of Rafael Viñoly’s world-renowned studio; and now the luxury residential development in London also has a whole new offering of interiors in the form of a show apartment, masterfully created by David Collins Studio (DCS) with guest curation by Nick Vinson of Vinson & Co, a contributing editor of Wallpaper*. Bringing together a selection of contemporary British artists and designers, whilst taking advantage of the property’s generous proportions, light and views, the apartment’s new interior design is uplifting, quirky and stylish.

‘Apartment 11.02 has a real sense of place, it’s on the edge of Hyde Park, straddling Mayfair and Marylebone, so we literally bought the park inside with some of the controls, such as the dining table. ‘a felled London plane tree and decorative elements taken directly from the park; we have also incorporated iconic furniture from iconic DCS projects in the neighborhood, such as a chandelier from The Wolseley and a trolley from The Connaught, and worked with local businesses such as Connolly, Perfumer H and David Mellor,” says Vinson.

The interiors of the Bryanston Apartment

The dining table, made from a felled London plane tree, is by Sebastian Cox

The result is both eye-catching and playful, with high-end furniture designs, bespoke artwork (including a powerful three-dimensional relief by London sculptor Lucy Smith, adorning the entrance and hallways , inspired by Wedgwood’s Jasperware) and lots of color – each room has its own theme, from the blue bedroom to the bright, refreshing yellow dining room. Tactile fabrics are juxtaposed with reflective surfaces that allow sunlight to bounce off and richly illuminate the space throughout the day. To add to the feast of the senses in this interior, each room has its own perfume, created by Perfumer H.

Vinson, who has worked with DCS in the past and knows all of the studio’s work intimately, suggests that the true character of an interior space can be a mix of iconic, classic pieces and bespoke elements: “I curated the “DCS 30” anniversary exhibition for David Collins Studio in 2015, so I can boast an encyclopedic knowledge of the studio’s projects and products.Their furniture has been selected from over three decades and custom made in new finishes, laying the foundation for the project, then mixed with vintage finds and many bespoke commissions from a roster of London-based designers, talents who responded brilliantly to our brief.I always like to mix things up to avoid a ‘total look’ from a single source.’

What sets this Bryanston apartment design apart from its peers? “I hope it’s due to the maniacal attention to detail and thoughtful curation of everything, which is completely bespoke down to the bedding, perfume and stationery,” Vinson says. §

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