The best tweets from UN Watch in May 2022

May UN Watch tweet trends: Russian diplomat at UN in Geneva resigns in protest; North Korea assumes the presidency of the Conference on Disarmament; Amnesty and Human Rights Watch silent as Israelis are murdered by terrorists and Iranians massacred for protesting; China elected to the WHO Executive Board; Ilhan Omar attributes sanctions to Russia for global food shortages and accuses Israel of murder; UN human rights chief made a propaganda visit to China; HRC Rights Expert receives money from China; and more.

North Korea takes over the presidency of the Conference on Disarmament

Amnesty and Human Rights Watch fall silent as Israelis murdered by terrorists and Iranians massacred for protesting

China elected to WHO Executive Board

Ilhan Omar blames sanctions on Russia for global food shortages; Accuses Israel of murder

UN human rights chief pays propaganda visit to China

CHR rights expert receives money from China

Amnesty claims no excuse for racism

Like, retweet, follow: UN Watch tweets have been liked and shared by thousands of people around the world, including thought leaders and celebrities such as:

  • Former President of the UN Security Council Diego Arríaformer Assistant Secretary General of NATO Rose Gottemoellerformer Vice-President of the European Commission Viviane Reding
  • Russian opposition politician Vladimir Kara Murza & activist Leonid Volkovworld chess champion Gary Kasparov, Cuban human rights activist Rosa Maria PayaIranian women’s rights activist Masih Alinejadsaudi dissident Raif BadawiUyghur American activist Rushan AbbasZimbabwean pro-democracy activist Pastor Eva MawarireVenezuelan opposition politician Armand Weaponsformer Afghan mayor Zarifa Ghafarichinese cartoonist Badiucao
  • Permanent Mission of Lithuania to the UN
  • Former Canadian Ambassador to the UN Louisa Blaisformer Canadian Minister of Immigration Chris Alexanderdeputies Melissa Lantsman & Heather McPherson
  • British MPs To M Tugendhat, Alicia Kearns, Layla Moran, Stewart McDonald & Alison ThewlissMembers of the UK House of Lords Sarah Luford, simon mcdonald, Malcolm Bruce & Gavin Barwell
  • Swedish MEP Charlie WeimersDutch MEP Peter van DalenIrish Minister for European Affairs Thomas ByrneIrish MEP Sean Kellyswiss deputy Kathy RiklinGerman MEP Damien Boeselager
  • President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies Clifford MayCEO Marc Dubowitz & Senior Vice President of Research Jonathan SchanzerExecutive Director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies Kyle MatthewsCoordinator of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China Luke de Pulford, Simon Wiesenthal Center
  • american singer David DraimanAmerican actress Morgan FairchildBritish television presenter Rachel Rileymiss iraq Sarah Idanformer NBA basketball player Andrew BogutNASA astronaut Terry VirtsBritish adventurer and television presenter Bear Gryll

Many journalists also liked or shared UN Watch tweets, including:

  • CNN anchor Jake Tapersenior global affairs analyst Bianna Golodrygainternational diplomatic editor Nicholas Robertsonsenior political analyst and presenter John Avloncontributor Frida Ghiti & journalist Melissa MahtaniCNBC anchor Carl Quintanilla, Washington Post opinion editor Christian Caril, wall street journal special writer Gregory Zuckermann, National exam editor-in-chief Jay Nordlingercollaborating editor Andrew Stuttaford & foreign affairs journalist james quinneditor of Bloomberg Opinion Tim O’BrienFox News’ main political anchor Bret Bayer & host Sara CarterVOA News reporter Salem Solomon, New York Post journalist Jon Levineditor of the Daily Caller Geoffrey Ingersolleditor of the New York Sun David Efune & news editor John SeeleyWashington Times national security correspondent Bill Gertzancient New York Times journalist Nellie Bowles
  • Editor-in-chief of BBC News Russia Steve Rosenberg & Eastern Europe correspondent Sarah Rainford, The Guardian Correspondent in Moscow Andre RothBritish presenter Anila Dhami, The telegraph of the day Asia correspondent Nicholas Smith
  • Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi

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