The Beetle and 9 Other Most Powerful Artifacts in Moon Knight Comics

WARNING: Spoilers for Moon Knight.

moon knight uses many mystical artifacts in the streaming series, including the Scarab, a compass leading to Ammit’s hidden tomb. The Scarab is actually based on a powerful artifact from the Moon Knight comics. Several Marvel Comics Moon Knight artifacts are present in the MCU, including some with surprising and intriguing ties to characters like Kang The Conqueror and Thor.

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Moon Knight received several powerful artifacts from the Priests of Khonshu when he became the avatar of the Egyptian Moon God and many of them have yet to be featured in the MCU. They can still before the end of the series, or they can evolve into other forms like the Scarab, taking the character’s elaborate mythology from the comics and twisting it into something new and exciting.

ten The Beetle

Moon Knight has a beetle in Marvel Comics, but it’s not a compass. When Marc Spector first becomes Moon Knight, he’s gifted with a number of powerful artifacts, including a scarab dart, which looks almost exactly like the compass leading to Ammit’s tomb in the MCU series.

Moon Knight receives the dart in Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #1, one of the best Moon Knight comics of the 80s. The scarab dart is one of the most powerful artifacts in the Moon Knight comics, not only for its practical ability, but also for its mystical potential, as later comics explored.

9 The Kang Beetle

Kang The Conqueror battles Moon Knight variants in Marvel Comics.

As Kang the Conqueror discovered in moon knight Annual #1 from 2019, the artifacts collected have untapped potential in time and space. Kang uses a version of the Scarab from another timeline in concert with the others to try to alter history to his advantage.

It’s thwarted by various Moon Knights from the past, but it could end up having relevance in the MCU. One of the most powerful variants of Kang The Conqueror in the comics is Rama Tut, an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who’s been teased before in the series.

8 The scarlet beetle

Split image of Marvel Comics' Scarlet Scarab and Layla from Moon Knight Episode 4.

Although the Ruby Scarab is a powerful mystical artifact in deep Marvel Comics lore, it has no overt connection to Moon Knight. He may have major connections to the character of Layla in the MCU series, making him of supreme interest to fans.

Episode four of the series features a very small but meaningful easter egg on a bandage covering Layla’s finger. A red scarab is drawn on the bandage, a possible reference to Abdul Faoul, the Scarlet Scarab in Marvel Comics. Layla’s last name in the MCU is El-Faouly.

7 Lasso Grapple

An image of various Moon Knight weapons.

One of the many mystical artifacts that the priests of Khonshu offer to Marc Spector in Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #1 is the lasso-grapple. It’s basically a glorified grappling hook, but the ornate golden weapon doubles as an axe.

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The lasso-grapple clearly influenced the weapon Steven discovers in the tomb of Alexander the Great in episode four. They appear to be the same size and shape, with the only difference being that the MCU version’s blade is painted bright blue.

6 Ivory boomerang

Moon Knight throws his boomerang in Marvel Comics.

Moon Knight also receives an ivory boomerang from the priests of Khonshu. The boomerang is engraved with mystical charms that protect both the weapon and Khonshu’s avatar from conventional and mystical attacks.

Moon Knight has yet to produce the Ivory Boomerang in the MCU and that may be due to the wisdom of such a weapon. Boomerangs were debated by Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in the Hawk Eye series, though Hawkeye has boomerang arrows among his best weapons in the comics.

5 bola

Moon Knight attacks with his bola in Marvel Comics.

His bola is another powerful artifact from the Moon Knight comics that has yet to appear in the MCU. The bola is very simple, being a rock bound by cloth, but it was one of the assortment of implements given to Moon Knight by the priests of Khonshu.

It seems unlikely the bola will factor into the MCU as the MCU Moon Knight can produce infinite crescent blades from his costume, but the bola did factor into his battle with the comic book version of Arthur Harrow , one of Moon Knight’s strongest villains.

4 Gauntlets

Moon Knight uses his gauntlets in battle in Marvel Comics.

The golden gauntlets that Moon Knight received in the comics remained a key part of her costume into the 1980s. They essentially functioned as Wonder Woman’s iconic submission bracelets, capable of deflecting bullets and other conventional means of attack. .

The gauntlets were etched with mystical runes like other artifacts in the Moon Knight comics, working in concert to amplify his power as an avatar of Khonshu and protect him from enemies as powerful as himself.

3 golden ankh

Moon Knight uses his golden Ankh in Marvel Comics.

Although he only primarily used it in the 80s, the Golden Ankh Moon Knight received is one of the most powerful artifacts in the Moon Knight comics. The Ankh serves primarily as a weapon and is devastating against most melee opponents.

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But the Golden Ankh also serves another purpose. The ankh glows when someone’s life is in danger, altering Moon Knight for the needs of others. He serves as a sort of mystical Spidey-Sense who guides Moon Knight on his quest to help others.

2 silver darts

Moon Knight battles Werewolf By Night in Marvel Comics.

On his first appearance in night werewolf #32, Moon Knight wields silver darts, some of the most powerful artifacts in the Moon Knight comics. These weapons were particularly dangerous for Jack Russell, the werewolf, whom Moon Knight believed to be a villain.

Moon Knight used a variety of silver-based weapons in his early encounters with Werewolf By Night, but as his character and mission evolved, so did the artifacts he wielded. Later weapons have ditched silver for gold entirely, as is the case with the MCU version.

1 Mjolnir

Moon Knight versus Thor for Mjolnir

One of the most powerful artifacts in the Moon Knight comics and one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe is Mjolnir. Although Moon Knight isn’t exactly worthy based on the enchantment placed on Mjolnir, he can control it.

This is because Mjolnir is forged from a metal called Uru. Uru is found in the debris of an ancient moon from another reality. Thanks to the power granted to him by Khonshu, the Moon God, Moon Knight is able to control Mjolnir to some degree.

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