The 10 Most Iconic Pokemon From Generation 6

The Gen 6 Kalos region on the Nintendo 3DS was Game Freak and Mainline Pokemon the series’ first adventure into 3D space. This raised high expectations from fans, as the franchise had effectively evolved beyond the era of 2D pixel art.

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The Kalos Pokédex was admittedly limited when it came to new species, but it still managed to have some standout, fan-favorite spots that hold up today. The newest of the Eeveelutions and a certain water-type starter are unsurprisingly among them, but the roster is diverse enough to only have 72 unique Pokemon.



Ash Greninja

Although the Kalos region isn’t known for having any real winners among all of its starters, Greninja has easily become one of the best Water-type starter Pokémon species, regardless of generation. Game Freak took a frog as a model and created one of the most inventive designs in the franchise thanks to its ninja motif.

Being able to throw Water Shurikens and use his tongue like a sling are fun aesthetic touches, and his Water/Dark dual-typing is a welcome change of pace visually and gameplay-wise. Being a Kalos icon comes with the territory as Greninja even managed to top Google’s mass poll a few years ago.


Sylveon smiling in the Pokémon anime.

The adorable classic Kanto Eevee and its branching evolution gadget is a beloved tradition of the main Pokemon games, even if it’s not a predictable regular occurrence. X and Yes introduced the all-new Fairy-Type in 2013, which quickly made Sylveon a beloved “Eeveelution” of the Pokemon franchise.

This type was introduced as a new counter for Dragon typing, and Sylveon’s stat spread, movepool, and incredibly useful hidden ability in Pixilate made it a powerhouse in its own right. It also has a charming and vibrant design for its fairy theme.


Pokemon inspired by inanimate objects may be hit or miss design-wise, but Aegislash is admittedly one of the more creative spins. The same goes for its dual-typing choice (Steel/Ghost), as it could easily be used to explain the in-universe existence of a “living” Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Likewise, it is also an interesting typing to mix the physical advantages of Steel-Type and the specials of Ghost-Type. Switching between his Shield Forme and Blade Forme is also an ingenious take for Aegislash in terms of in-game combat prowess and complementing his design.


Ash's Talonflame glows while flying through the air in the anime

Veteran fans are also fond of the “regional bird” Pokemon lore of the first road in every passing game. Each generation has its respective bird representative, from the Kanto icon Pidgeot to the mighty Staraptor of Sinnoh to the last of Galar in Corviknight.

Talonflame from Kalos made a big impression in X and Yes, because not only did it have a sleek design, but it was incredibly powerful in both casual and competitive combat situations. It’s sadly been nerfed since the days of the 3DS, but Talonflame’s refreshing dual Fire/Flying-Type and sleek design won’t be forgotten.


Official illustration of the Pokémon T-Rex Tyrantrum from X and Y.

In a world full of superpowered animals that roam the wild and befriend people, it’s both expected and welcome that Game Freak introduced prehistoric Pokémon early on. Given that dinosaurs are the most popular prehistoric animals, and the T-Rex is the most popular dinosaur, it’s surprising that it took six generations for Tyrantrum to arrive.

It was a welcome addition nonetheless, as its imposing, regal design brings out the best in its (once) real-world counterpart and fantastic take on Pokemon. Tyrantrum is one of the strongest Fossil Pokémon and its dual Rock/Dragon type is a big reason for being a physical wrecking ball.


Ash's Hawlucha posing in battle in the Pokémon anime.

Ash having caught one during the X and Yes arch of the Pokemon the anime probably contributed to its mainstream release, but regardless, Hawlucha is arguably one of the funniest and most inspired designs in the franchise. It has a dual creative Fight/Flight typing, which fits perfectly into its visual inspiration.

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Hawlucha is a colorful amalgamation of a bird (perhaps an eagle and/or a hoatzin) and a luchador, which would make its coloring based on the Mexican flag another inspired choice. As of now, it’s only one of two fight/flight type combos alongside Galarian Zapdos.


Official art of a male and female Pyroar side by side.

One of the few lion-themed Pokémon to appear before this was the Legendary Entei, making Pyroar the franchise’s most outright lion design. Somewhat similar to the case of Tyrantrum, it’s surprising that a Pokemon like Pyroar has taken so long to make its way into the franchise, but is welcome aesthetically nonetheless.

While Pyroar’s normal side makes it overly sensitive to fighting types, mixing a lion species with the fire type is great for gameplay and visual purposes. This gives Pyroar an elegantly regal and strong look and giving the male and female variants matching mane patterns is a brilliant touch.


Heliolisk in the Pokémon anime

It’s good to see when Game Freak artists turn to less conventional animals for inspiration in their Pokémon creations, and Heliolisk earns props in that department. Heliolisk is based on the frill-necked lizards that live in Australia and New Guinea, with its widened frill complementing a sun-themed design.

He also has an intriguing Normal/Electric double strike and is an incredibly fast special attacker. Heliolisk can be used in creative situations during competitive battles, as its Dry Skin ability allows it to use rain effects to heal itself.


Pokémon Sword and Shield Goodra

Dragons inspire a certain mental image in people’s minds, and Goodra probably doesn’t come close to most of them. This one-type Dragon Pokémon has a unique design for the type of animal it is, but it has its own charm.

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Goodra has a simple and endearing design, in a manner similar to Dragonite from the Kanto region, although less conventional. He appears to be a cross between a dragon and a snail given his slimy anatomy, and it looks like Goodra has earned his fair share of love since being given Hisian form in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


A pair of Furfrou, one red and one blue, appear in the Pokemon anime

It’s no secret that Game Freak likes to have each of its regions based on a real-world country, city, or state. The Kanto region is based on its Japanese namesake, Unova used New York as a major influence, Alola is a clear homage to Hawaii and Scarlet and PurpleThe next region of seems to be based on Spain.

Kalos hails from France, which makes it only natural that the poodle-themed Furfrou should be one of the region’s mascots. Furfrou is a simple normal-type Pokemon, but it has a fun gadget that lets you change its appearance by giving it haircuts.

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