Taiwan’s Son-in-Law’s “Taipei Map” Artwork Shared in Europe | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Tom Parker, a well-known British illustrator whose wife is Taiwanese, created the artwork “Map of Taipei”, which was recently shared by the de facto Taiwan embassies in the foreigner.

Parker says he’s very happy that his artistic creations are garnering greater international appreciation for Taiwan’s unique beauty, according to a Liberty Times report.

Recently, the Taiwan office in Provence, France, the Netherlands and other European countries reposted Parker’s artwork on Facebook and thanked Parker for showcasing Taiwan through his eye-catching illustrations. Parker also posted a message on Facebook, saying: “I am very happy that a corner of Taiwan is being seen in Europe, thank you all.”

Parker is also launching a crowdfunding project on the Zeczec platform to produce physical versions of the painting. He explains that he was inspired to create the illustration soon after arriving in Taiwan and fell in love with the people, the fusion of old and new urban aesthetics, and small moments of the everyday life, like seeing little black dogs balancing on scooters.

“I like the Taiwanese aesthetic,” Parker says. “The coexistence of old and new bustling towns alongside the calm, mountainous terrain. He hopes people can find a “taste of Taiwan” not only in “Taipei Map” but also in his other streetscapes, according to Liberty Times.

Parker says he enjoys wandering the streets, feeling the subtle rhythms of city life, and experiencing the extraordinary in the ordinary. He believes that Taiwan’s urban spaces are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Although he has lived here for seven years, he still has not lost the sense of fascination that ignites his artistic impetus to this day.

From planning the very first drafts to adding the finishing touches, it took Parker a year to complete the artwork. In addition to ensuring the correct scale for painting and mapping out important landmarks, Parker also wanted to include facets of everyday life in the painting, such as a scene of a man covering his girlfriend in his raincoat on a day off. rain.

Finally, Parker revealed that he was working on creating a “map of Tainan,” followed by a series of towns, sharing the secret beauty he sees in his second home through the strokes of his paintbrush.

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