SwiftXR redefines the future of 3D content on the web

The 3D modeling industry has grown drastically in recent years, much more than before. The industry has witnessed a staggering growth of over 300% (from $0.91 million to approximately $4.6 billion) in demand for 3D models and digital object visualization over the past 6 years, thanks to technological advances in augmented and virtual reality.

As the 3D modeling industry has grown, it becomes extremely difficult for creatives, architects, 3D artists and interior designers to communicate their design ideas and easily share their designs. with their staff, customers or other stakeholders. This is where SwiftXR comes in.

SwiftXR is a web-based platform that helps creatives, 3D designers, developers, architects, interior designers, and artists share their designs faster with clients, staff, and other stakeholders. We’re building a drag-and-drop platform that lets users post a fast 3D, augmented, or virtual reality experience that can be shared with anyone anywhere and can be viewed on any device.

We have partnered with Ready Player Me to allow our users to create their Ready Player Me avatars on our platform and bring them into AR. Our integration with Sketchfab allows us to provide our users with a library of over a million 3D models when building their projects. We’ve also partnered and integrated with OpenSea and Rarible to help artists connect their NFT wallets to SwiftXR where they can easily grab their NFT artwork and publish it to AR.

At SwiftXR, we believe that augmented and virtual reality content development should be a design or creation process and not a programming challenge. Our mission is to make it easier to integrate augmented and virtual reality development for everyone and every business. Visit https://swiftxr.io to get started.

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