Supermarket of the Future exhibit predicts future food products

Foods of the future could include snail sausages, 3D printed fruit and flat pasta, according to an exhibit at this year’s Dutch Design Week.

Supermarket of the Future showcased a range of experimental and speculative designs for food and food packaging that could become a reality in the near future.

The exhibition is designed to look like a real supermarket

Organized by culinary designers Annelie hermsen and Chloe rutzerveld, the exhibition focused on technologies already developed, to show the extent of innovation that is already possible.

These were presented in an exhibition reminiscent of a typical supermarket, with food products on shelves and advertisements hanging from the ceiling.

Supermarket of the Future exhibition at Dutch Design Week
Products include 3D printed tempeh and snail sausage

“We want to show the great potential of existing feed design projects,” said Hermsen and Rutzerveld.

“As you walk around the supermarket, you might wonder why these products or ideas weren’t already available in the supermarket. Or you might be surprised at what might be on our plates in the not-so-distant future. “

Mushroom masala made from oyster mushroom stems at the Supermarket of the Future exhibition at Dutch Design Week
Botanic Bites creates ready meals from oyster mushroom stems

Many of the products on display look to a future where animal meat is no longer readily available and more experimental alternatives are available.

Lebanese snail sausage explores mollusks as a source of protein, as she graduates Yuval Yancovitch used biotechnology to develop bone-like structures to enhance the experience of eating lab-grown meat.

Tiger Penis Project at the Supermarket of the Future exhibition at Dutch Design Week
Tiger Penis Project uses laboratory-grown animal organs for medicine

There is also a project that shows how synthetic biology can be used to clone animal organs. The Tiger Penis Project aims to provide an alternative to the use of animal products in medicine.

Plant-based meat substitutes are also offered, including 3D printed tempeh and a range of cooked dishes made with oyster mushroom stems, which are generally waste.

Packaging section at the Supermarket of the Future exhibition at Dutch Design Week
The exhibition includes future packaging solutions

Some of the projects explore ways to reduce packaging waste in the food industry.

Morphantes pasta is a type of pasta that goes from 2D to 3D when baking, creating efficiency gains in packaging, storage and transportation.

The exhibition also includes Notpla, an edible and biodegradable packaging made from algae and plants. It can be used for liquids and sauces as an alternative to plastic.

Notpla by Superunion
Notpla is an edible packaging for liquids

Other offers include the Pantry S / Zout, a line of products made from seawater cultures, including lettuce ketchup and cabbage marshmallows.

These stand alongside a collection of five artificial fruits, called Neo Fruit, which contain nutrient-rich liquids inside printed cellulose skins.

Meydan Levy prints edible fruits in 4D using cellulose and nutritious liquids
Neo Fruit offers an artificial alternative to fruit

Supermarket of the Future was this year’s edition of the Embassy of Food, a recurring exhibition at the annual Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

The first Embassy of Food was presented at Dutch Design Week 2o17, organized by Marije Vogelzang, who runs the Food Non Food program at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Entrance to the Supermarket of the Future exhibition at Dutch Design Week
Supermarket of the Future was this year’s food embassy at Dutch Design Week

This is the first year that Hermsen and Rutzerveld have organized the exhibition, although both have been involved in previous editions.

The duo will also oversee next year’s show, which will look even further into the future supermarket in 2050.

Dutch Design Week took place from October 16-24, 2021 at locations across Eindhoven. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events happening around the world.

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