South of France facility draws inspiration from 1970s camping

Summer inspiration: 1970s camping informs this facility in the south of France

Winners of the Grand Prix Design Parade Toulon 2022, designers Madeleine Oltra and Angelo de Taisne Sardines Sardines installation inspired by camping in the south of France (on view until October 30, 2022)

Each year, emerging designers and interior designers gather in the city of Toulon, in the south of France, as part of the design festival Villa Noailles Design Parade 2022. Occupying spaces across the city, each develops a concept unique that eschews traditional interiors and delves into experimental and conceptual territory. The winners of the 2022 edition are Madeleine Oltra and Angelo de Taisne, respectively designer and architect, who for their space were inspired by the camping icons of the 1970s.

The aluminum camping chair was made by Relax Factory with Kvadrat fabric, its design inspired by hiking backpacks

Their installation Sardines Sardines pays homage to summers spent camping in the south of France and offers a nostalgic take on technical camping gear. Oltra and de Taisne spent their teenage years traveling around the country in the summer, and it’s their first-hand experience of camping culture that they want to celebrate through their work. Sardines Sardines presents an orange tent with veiled windows, sewn by Au Fil de l’Eau, Marseille’s nautical upholstery, in Kvadrat fabrics and supported by an aluminum structure.

Inside the space are the camping essentials such as a camping bed made up of a tubular aluminum structure and a quilted mattress, a table top (embossed with anise in homage to the Mediterranean), and a green quilted camping chair whose design is inspired by technical backpacks. The tent floors reference old caravan floors and are made from recycled wood and lino, with a groundsheet created in collaboration with Nona Source.

Also made by Relax Factory with an aluminum tubular structure by Apsara Creations, the camping bed has a quilted mattress whose pattern refers to inflatable mattresses. The crinkle texture of the comforter and pillow are inspired by freshly unwrapped sleeping bags, and they’re made from organic crinkled silk tinted with St. John’s Wort flower

The designers also created a freestanding tripod dressing table, featuring a polished aluminum mirror, and another smaller mirror recycled from a caravan and a tray with hooks. Suspended from the structure, a water pocket in reflective fabric and fitted with a second-hand tap. Beyond the functionality, small amulets (cast in the shape of fork, spoon and knife but also ravioli and lighter) were created by designer Olga Flor, who also made a loop in her distinctive raw style. .

The dressing table, consisting of a tripod, a tray with hooks and a central polished stainless steel mirror made by Apsara Créations. Used extendable mirror comes from an old caravan. The Reflective Water Bladder is made with reflective fabric and a second-hand tap, taken from a 1940s water boat.

“The constraints of camping, such as transport and lightness, are a great source of inspiration for this project, because they lead to inventions that take everyday objects out of their initial formats”, explain the designers. To create their project, the duo researched camping magazines from the 1970s to immerse themselves in the movement’s unique aesthetic, and leaned on Jo and Roger Tourte’s book, On foot around the world: three years of camping for more inspiration.

Sardines Sardines tells the story of two campers who have collected in this large warm tent, all kinds of objects having lived several trips before them, and others that they have imagined for their pleasure and their comfort. §

The camping table sports an aluminum marquetry with a motif in homage to the aniseed drinks of the Mediterranean anodized by the designer Charles Gateau. On the table are a series of amulets created by artist Olga Flor, including cutlery and ravioli, presented in a vintage plate

Buckle by Olga Flor

Made of recycled wood from materials recovered by Design Parade and covered with a green lino made of 97% linen from Tarkett France, the floor of the installation is inspired by old caravan patterns. The floor mat was made in collaboration with Codimat Collection with a fabric from Nona Source

Wardrobe in recycled parachutes

Inside view of the tent

tent details

Gas camping is a reference to the ritual of cooking food outdoors. Here, it becomes an enamelled sandstone sculpture, made at the Beaux Arts in Toulon, which gave the designers access to the kiln to create the piece. Sticks and lighter are from Olga Flor

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