Someone Special Volunteers: Bemidji Senior Center appoints Tine Siems and Judy Tobin – Bemidji Pioneer

The Bemidji Pioneer, Paul Bunyan Broadcasting, Ken K. Thompson and United Way recognize “Someone’s Special Volunteers” who have made a significant contribution to the community. Today’s volunteers are Tina Siems and Judy Tobin.

Tina Siems has been a valued volunteer for many years at the Senior Center.

“She is full of smiles and a joy to be around. She volunteers for our bake sales giving not only her time and energy but also delicious treats to sell. She is a craftswoman and has worked as a clerk at the Creations gift shop for many years and wraps the gifts at our gift wrap fundraiser,” a statement read. “You can hear the smile in her voice. You can hear the smile in his voice. We are blessed to have him.”

Judy Tobin has been a valued volunteer for many years at the Senior Center.

“She is the lead volunteer for our Christmas Wrap fundraiser where she has spent countless hours working behind the scenes and organizing. She is an artisan and has spent many years as a clerk in the Creations gift shop “, reads the press release. “She regularly volunteers with our monthly pancake breakfast fundraiser. She is a wonderful person who has given so much time and energy to the Bemidji Seniors Center and we would like to thank her With all my heart.”

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