SmileFaith Appalachia concludes free dental clinic in Jenkins


JENKINS, Ky. (WYMT) – SmileFaith Appalachia is a nonprofit ministry dedicated to spreading the word of God and providing free or low cost dental care to the people of Appalachia.

The SmileFaith Appalachia building is connected to the SmileFaith Event Center and the Coal City Coffee.

“Everything we do at SmileFaith comes back to our free dental clinic,” said Chrystal Bentley, director of SmileFaith Appalachia. “So every time someone comes to Coal City Coffee, rents the event center, or attends an event that we are hosting, all of these funds are there to help us. “

SmileFaith Appalachia has a network of dentists from across the country who come to Jenkins to volunteer their time.

“So we spend a little time with different people from different fields and we get to know who they are and they are part of our family and they just want to like people. They just want to give their talent, ”Bentley said.

These clinics are two or four day events that take place periodically throughout the year. SmileFaith Appalachia offers fillings, extractions and even hosts low cost prosthesis clinics.

“We are dentistry first for the ministry and we love to see people’s lives change and learn from what we can offer. So we have a gift and we want to give it to those who need it, ”adds Bentley.

The next free SmileFaith Appalachia clinic will be in February.

“All they have to do is come in or call and we’ll make sure whatever we can do to serve them, make that happen,” said Sherry Tucker, deputy director of SmileFaith Appalachia.

To make an appointment for the February dental clinic, call (606) 670-0601.

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