See which cards I scored on Ultimate Fan: Divisional Round

Think Ultimate team / MyTeam meets NFT pack drops meets fantasy football. Interest piqued? UltimateFan might have the game for you.

UltimateFan has created a unique fantasy offer where fantasy managers open packs to determine their team and create a roster. When you sign up, you’ll receive a free pack that will include at least one golden card and give you enough variety of positions to build a team for your first week of action. To add more players to your team, there are a few options. The standard pack, available for free, can be opened once a week on Tuesdays. Silver packs guarantee you at least two silver cards and one gold. Gold packs guarantee two gold and one silver. Packs are not for sale like with Ultimate team or MyTeam but can be purchased through a subscription. The silver plan will grant you one silver pack per week for a month, while the gold plan will grant you one gold pack per week.

Ultimate Fan is currently running a special offer that gives all users a free weekly gold pack throughout the playoffs. Take advantage and see if you can pick up a gift card or two before the end of the second season.

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UltimateFan’s parameters are as follows: touchdowns worth four points for QBs and six points for all other positions. This is a full point PPR with bonus points. Quarterbacks get one point over 200 yards, two points over 300 yards and three points over 350 yards. On the ground, one point is awarded for 40+ yards, one point for 70+ and three for 100+. In the air, there is one point for 50+ and one point for 100+. Interceptions and lost fumbles cost one point.

For team cards, you get five points for a win and -1 for a loss. One point for baskets between 40 and 49 points and two for 50+. In addition, one point is awarded per sack and two per interception. A special teams touchdown earns you six points. And for the D/ST type score, you get eight points for a shutout, two points for allowing 1-13 points, zero for 14-28, and -3 for 28+. This notation makes your alignment decision here a critical part of your weekly alignment decisions. The spots on the roster are QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, Team.

Divisional Round Pack Results

As rosters continue to shrink due to the playoffs, Ultimate Fan is filling packs with player cards still active in the playoffs. Last week that meant I was able to add Kyler Murray, Hunter Renfrow, Robert Woods and Miles Sanders. This week the draws were even better. I was incredibly lucky and pulled Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, another Cooper Kupp dupe, a CJ Uzomah dupe, and a Stanley Morgan dupe.

The players I transferred to put Mahomes, Burrow and Mixon on my roster were a dupe of Mark Andrews, Derek Carr and Mac Jones. The season is quickly coming to an end and it is becoming increasingly clear that the trading system will not be implemented by the end of the season. This means that there is no longer any real incentive to keep duplicate cards. Carr and Jones were only on my list because they played on teams that made the playoffs. Now that they’ve both been eliminated, I can move on.

Divisional Round Team Building Decisions

QC: Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Kyler Murray, Joe Burrow, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins,

RB: Jonathan Taylor, Joe Mixon, Austin Ekeler, Nick Chubb, Alvin Kamara, Ezekiel Elliott, Leonard Fournette, Kareem Hunt, Chase Edmonds, Tony Pollard, Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey, Miles Sanders

WR: Cooper Kupp, Justin Jefferson, Michael Pittman, CeeDee Lamb, Antonio Brown, AJ Brown, Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett, DeVonta Smith, Brandin Cooks, Marvin Jones, Laviska Shenault, Jarvis Landry, Kenny Golladay, Emmanuel Sanders, Robby Anderson, Will Fuller , Hunter Renfrow, Robert Woods, JuJu Smith-Schuster

AND : Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews, Dawson Knox, Mike Gesicki, Dalton Schultz

Team: Chargers, Ravens, Packers, Broncos, Titans

Although the players above are currently on my roster, I can only choose from those who play for an active team in the playoffs. That leaves me with a choice of two players at quarterback, tight end and team, three players at running back and four at wide receiver.

QC: Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow

RB: Joe Mixon, Leonard Fournette, Derrick Henry

WR: Cooper Kupp, AJ Brown, Julio Jones, Emmanuel Sanders

AND : Travis Kelce, Dawson Knox

Team: Packers, Titans

At quarterback, I have what is a tough debate between Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow. Mahomes was on fire in the Wild Card round, but could have a much calmer day against the Bills’ number-one scoring defense. Burrow has been on fire himself and faces a Titans team that has allowed the 10th-most fantasy points at quarterback. I plugged in Burrow for this round, but I’m already questioning my decision.

At running back, Joe Mixon and Derrick Henry get the tap. Mixon gets the tap as the healthiest of the three backs available for this weekend. At flex, it comes down to Henry or Fournette. Both will be back in their opener after an injury layoff, and while Fournette has a seemingly higher floor due to his full PPR potential, Henry is a workload monster who should play a role of foreground not only between the 20s but in the red zone as well. Although the uncertainty makes this decision more difficult than it normally would be, Henry is the most upside game.

At wide receiver, it’s still the Cooper Kupp show at WR1. I hope the Rams make the Super Bowl because I don’t have any other healthy receivers from any other team still alive in the NFC. At WR2 I have another easy decision because it’s AJ Brown, Julio Jones and Emmanuel Sanders. AJ is the top tier, high upside game of this trio. Julio and Sanders will have their big games, but both are too inconsistent to trust AJ at this stage of the game and their careers.

As a team, I have to decide between the Titans and the Packers. As always, the heart of my decision comes down to which team has the highest probability of victory. Unfortunately, this week there are only two teams to choose from, both under watch. Both teams play at home but will face teams with staff to give them problems.

At tight end, my debate is between Travis Kelce and Dawson Knox. Dawson Knox was excellent last week, while Kelce also dominated. Kelce remains the best option at the position, but Knox is someone to take seriously if you’re not lucky enough to have a Kelce on your roster as well.

Now let’s move on to the gold helmet and the gold football. Golden football doubles the points of anyone who scores a touchdown. I’ll place it on Joe Burrow for this week. It still seems odd to start Burrow on Mahomes in a non-DFS setting, so he can switch to Mahomes before games kick off this weekend, but he’ll switch to a QB on Henry for this week. The golden helmet doubles the points of any player it is assigned to. The helmet will go to Cooper Kupp. Kupp remains a no-brainer with Jonathan Taylor and Austin Ekeler no longer in the weekly mix. Kupp disappointed last week and proved that he won’t always be the right helmet choice. That said, it’s still the best choice in a full PPR framework.

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