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Subject: “Abbott wants to ban public education for unauthorized immigrants”, Metro, Friday:

Gov. Greg Abbott continued his re-election campaign Thursday by announcing he would seek to overturn a 1982 court ruling requiring public schools to educate all children, including undocumented immigrants. This continues its efforts to deny state benefits to several thousand Texas children.

Texas has more children without health insurance than any other state, but Abbott has consistently refused to accept expanded Medicaid for them, with the federal government paying 90% of the cost. And all while spending billions of taxpayer dollars in futile attempts to politicize Texas’ border with Mexico, resulting in thousands of state troopers and National Guard soldiers standing border with little to do (because they have no power to police the border) or arrest migrants charged with trespassing by the state and keep them in Texas jails.

This story of wanting to spend whatever it takes of state resources to support its political goals instead of finding ways to improve the conditions of Texas children does not bode well for our state.

Russell A. Simpson

Cry out injustice

Subject: “Abortion access now faces a bleak future,” Front Page, Wednesday:

Thank you for telling America and the world that women here should not be allowed to make their own health decisions – that we are not capable, smart or worthy in the eyes of this country to know what is best for us. I scream !

Sheila Stein

Art should be free

Re: “A Texas woman made an unusual find in Goodwill. It turned out to be a Roman bust from the Julio-Claudian era., Wednesday:

How truly shocking to find an ancient Roman bust in an Austin Goodwill for $34.99. What’s more shocking is that the woman who bought it had to return it, after consulting lawyers and, I suspect, racking up attorney fees. It’s now in the San Antonio Museum of Art, and you can see it…for a price.

It was looted, apparently during World War II, and will be returned to Deutschland. It seems obscene to charge people to see a bust looted during World War II. This should be posted for everyone to see for free. Maybe he should have stayed with Goodwill; you could have at least seen it for free.

Shannon Deason

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