Scale7, QDB Incubator in partnership with M7, successfully concludes a 3D printing workshop

Scale7, Qatar’s first fashion and design business incubator – founded by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) in partnership with M7, has concluded a new series of intensive “lab programs” for 3D printing technology.
The workshop aimed to give startups in the fashion and design ecosystem the advanced programs needed for them.
The intensive workshop was held recently to train entrepreneurs to integrate 3D printing technology into their product design workflow, where idea and concept are combined with design, preparation and materials used to manufacture the final product which can be a prototype, a sculpture, a meta-product, or a ready-to-use final product.
Designing and prototyping products and accessories using a computer and a 3D printer is an innovative approach to adopting agile business models and helping startups adapt their products to market demands before investing in the mass production.
The intensive workshop organized by Scale 7 Incubator covered topics such as design overview for additive manufacturing; shape analysis; and processes and materials for 3D printing and digital fabrication.
The workshop also allowed participants to understand the technical principles and workflows of 3D printing. They were able to design basic 3D printable objects combining knowledge of design processes and tools. After the program, participants will acquire a digital sense to create objects of the future.
The three-day workshop encouraged designers to incorporate their experience into the designs they work on, to create a connection between artistic concept, life experience and scientific knowledge to be reflected in their products, drawing on the use of appropriate methodologies to design their products. .
Commenting on the success of the workshop, Aysha Khalifa al-Romaihi, Project Manager, Scale7 said, “Having received tremendous response for our previous workshops such as jewelry making, we continue our journey by concluding our new unique 3D printing. This upcoming technology holds huge potential in the fashion and design landscape. Through this meticulously crafted masterclass, we were able to educate our Qatari fashion startups on the nuances of 3D printing and the opportunities what she can give them.

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