Roanoke-Based gNext Named Leading Company for Advanced Infrastructure Technology 2021


gNext has been named one of the top companies of 2021 for delivering cutting edge technology and innovative infrastructure solutions.

Constructed Worlds, the world’s leading network for building and infrastructure professionals, has published its “List of infrastructure technologies 2021Monday. The annual list features the top companies that offer cutting-edge infrastructure technology.

The list highlights the innovative solutions offered by companies in the areas of asset and maintenance management, construction management, equipment and machinery, general planning, engineering and design, pre-construction and materials planning.

As drone technology increasingly becomes part of infrastructure inspection processes, gNext has strived to find an innovative solution to turn drone data into actionable information for those responsible for inspecting and monitoring. manage infrastructure assets.

Founded in 2018 in Blacksburg, Va., GNext offers a bespoke, cloud-based inspection platform that uses machine learning and photogrammetry techniques to securely transform drone data collected in the field into models. Actionable 3D.

“The gNext platform is the perfect tool for anyone charged with the important work of preserving and protecting infrastructure assets,” said Abraham Salomon, co-founder and CEO of gNext.

Where drones will provide inspectors with efficiency in the field, capturing thousands of images and video clips of hard-to-reach infrastructure assets in minutes, the gNext platform delivers efficiency in the office, anywhere. that is.

“GNext’s state-of-the-art platform transforms data into custom 3D models that allow inspectors and asset owners to securely, accurately and collaboratively analyze and manage assets from a remote location. which saves time and money, ”Solomon said.

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