Reese Witherspoon Loves Her Daughter Ava Phillippe’s Newest Artwork; here’s how

Reese Witherspoon has never been shy about showing love to her kids on social media! Recently, she started commenting on her daughter Ava Philippeon Instagram, which the child star posted with a unique caption. The mother gushed about the painting and praised Ava for her attempt.

“I’m not super happy with how this painting turned out, but I’m running out of content right now, so here’s this thing I made,” Ava wrote in her caption! Reese, however, took to the comments section and posted words of appreciation for her daughter. “That’s wonderful !” she wrote while complimenting her for publishing her painting. “I love seeing your artwork,” the actress said.

Fans also took to the comments section to salute Ava. “Love it so much,” one person wrote. “Benji is a literal human, you can’t convince me otherwise,” another user commented of Ava’s pet dog that she painted with her portrait. “the eyes are particularly beautiful!! I love it!!” said another user.

You can take a look at Ava Phillippe’s painting below:

Recently Ava Phillippe also slammed social media trolls who sent ‘hateful’ comments to her when she addressed her sexuality stating that she was attracted to ‘people’ while stressing that in her opinion ‘ gender is nonsense”. “QUICK REMINDER: I can and will block profiles commenting on bigoted/hateful posts under my posts,” Ava wrote in a post shared to her Instagram Story. She further wrote, “My Instagram profile is not a place for cruelty/hate speech and I intend to do what I can to make it that way. Peace & Love.”

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