‘Reddymade’: Seychellois artist showcases 40 years of artwork at Eden Art Gallery

Reddy’s colleagues, fans and family had the chance to view a collection of his best drawings, collages and paintings in an exhibit named after his last name. (Nation of Seychelles)

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(Seychelles News Agency) – A 60-year-old Seychellois artist, Justin Reddy, presents his works of art dating from the 1980s in his first solo exhibition titled “Reddymade” at the Eden Art Gallery.

After 40 years, colleagues, fans and family of Reddy have had the chance to admire a collection of his best drawings, collages and paintings in an exhibition named after his last name.

The artist also signed and presented copies of his book, along with a collection of all the works exhibited, to some of his friends and colleagues present.

Reddy told the media that his work was inspired by the famous French artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968), who created ready-made works of art from various ordinary objects.

“I like to collect things like stamps and coins or discarded things like plastic bottle caps or empty bottles, things that fascinate me or just catch my attention because I don’t understand them and that I work with those,” Reddy explained.

He went on to add that despite some of his works dating back to 1980, collecting his best pieces is “a play on my last name and that makes it current”.

Reddy signing a copy of his book with a collection of all the exhibited works. (Seychelles Nation) Photo License: CC-BY

Reddy attributed his long absence from hosting a solo exhibition to “other personal commitments”, although he said he continued to dabble even if the work was not to be exhibited.

Before holding his solo exhibition, Reddy had also participated with other artists in the last Biennale, which was held in Seychelles earlier this year.

Among the guests at the Eden Island gallery were artists such as Danny Sopha.

Speaking to SNA, Sopha said there were mixed feelings about the exhibition – elation that they finally got to see Justin’s work and sadness that the younger generation may not know about his talent.

Of the pieces on display, Sopha said he liked “the portrait on rusty corrugated sheets made with nails because it reminded me of the different stages of a person’s life.”

National Council for Arts and Crafts chief executive Jimmy Savy said he was “very impressed with the artist’s diversification in technique and style and his pieces are refined”.

Although not all of his work on display is for sale, the price of Reddy’s work ranges from $604 (8,000 SCR) to $3,029 (40,000 SCR).

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