‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Has Been Using Stolen Art For Years, Artist Says

Since its release, Rainbow Six: Siege reportedly included an element by artist and graphic designer Sam Blye used for the glitch effect players see when Operator Mute’s jammers are active. Blye said they haven’t received any recognition or compensation for using their work in the popular tactical shooter, which puts Ubisoft in a problematic position.

Last month, Blye knew that The Weather Channel had stole their same glitch effect three years ago for an informative tornado simulation. The company had neither applied for permission to use the visual nor paid it for the use of the asset, according to Blye, and the artist therefore used a reverse image search on his work. to see if it has been recycled elsewhere. Thanks to an article on the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit from 2017, Ubisoft was identified as one of the culprits who nicked Blye’s artwork without permission or compensation.

This video of the effect Operator Mute’s jammers cause when a player moves within their radius is apparently Blye’s own work of art, albeit slightly edited. Check it out:

There are no two ways about it – anyone could see that there are a lot of similarities between the two images. “It’s still in the game and apparently many players have seen it countless times,” continued the artist. “Previously, I also thought that this could be my texture and a few other textures in the animated effect, but on closer inspection, the effect is entirely my texture.” It’s not a spectacular look for Ubisoft if it has nipped Blye’s glitch artwork (for a game that generates huge revenues, beware) without telling them about it for six years at the trot.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident in the industry. Stellaris: Galaxy Command, the mobile spin-off of the acclaimed PC game, used Halo artist Kenny Magnusson’s artwork as a background and forgot to remove “UNSC” and a real Warthog. At this time, Ubisoft has not released a statement on the source of the glitch effect.

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