Prusa launches its large format tool changer system, the XL 3D printer – technical specifications and price

3D printer maker Prusa has announced the launch of its largest desktop 3D printer to date, the Original Prusa XL.

Introduced to Form next 2021 Last week, the FFF system offers a large build volume measuring 360 x 360 x 360mm, which is more than four times the size of the company’s flagship MK3S + and eight times the size of the MINI +. The XL is also Prusa’s first CoreXY 3D printer, a configuration designed to minimize vibration for superior print qualities on larger format print jobs.

Additionally, the printer comes with an optional tool changer add-on, allowing users to integrate up to five independent tool heads at a time. As such, the system is well suited for manufacturing multi-material prints with up to five different filaments simultaneously.

“The generous volume capability of the Prusa XL will open up many possibilities for users who wish to create objects on a larger scale than our existing product line provided,” said Josef Prusa, CEO of Prusa Research. “Almost every aspect of the machine has been designed completely from the ground up to ensure that the Prusa XL is the 3D printing technology for a range of applications, including prototyping, architectural models, engineering, cosplay props, and more.

The Prusa XL 3D printer with five printheads. Photo via Prusa.

Desktop 3D printing with Prusa

Founded in 2012 by Josef Průša, Prusa Research is one of the best-known manufacturers in the 3D printing community, offering a broad portfolio of office machines aimed at both the hobbyist and professional markets.

The firm is best known for its i3 3D printer, which is currently on the Model MK3S +. The machine offers a build volume of 250 x 210 x 210 mm and is available both as an assembly kit and as a ready-to-use turnkey system.

Prusa has also dabbled in the resin 3D printing markets in the past, with its original SL1 and SL1S Speed ​​systems. The former features a build volume of 120 x 68 x 150mm and a high-precision 5.5-inch 2K LCD display. In contrast, the latter sports a 25% larger build area and a print speed three times faster than its predecessor.

The Prusa XL is the company's largest printer to date.  Photo via Prusa.
The Prusa XL is the company’s largest printer to date. Photo via Prusa.

The new Original Prusa XL

Featuring a sturdy aluminum frame and a new custom 32-bit control board, the XL 3D printer houses a number of new features that make it Prusa’s most premium 3D printer.

The first of these features is the new Nextruder (Next Generation Extruder), an in-house developed printhead with a backlash-free gearbox and large non-slip drive gear. The design would allow better control of the filament when it is fed for better print quality. Prusa has also implemented a quick-change nozzle design for easy maintenance and reduced downtime.

Additionally, the XL features a new load cell based leveling system that claims to deliver a perfect first layer every time. The system is fully automatic, so there will be no need for manual calibrations or adjustments.

Looking at the build plate, Prusa has developed a new modular bed design, in which the printing surface is actually made up of several smaller segments (4 × 4 grid) that heat up individually. In addition to alleviating the problem of bed warping, this innovation makes the XL more energy efficient for small builds, as only the necessary parts of the bed can be heated.

Finally, the most remarkable feature of the Prusa XL is its tool change capabilities. Scalable at any time, the printer can accommodate up to five different printheads for multi-material constructions, including soluble media. Each of the printheads is driven by its own electronic board, is water resistant, and has an in-house developed kinematic coupling mechanism to ensure millions of trouble-free tool changes.

Technical specifications and prices

Below are the technical specifications of the Original Prusa XL 3D printer. The system is available for pre-order now, with shipments slated for Q3 2022. Prusa will initially offer three versions of the 3D printer: single-head ($ 1,999), dual-head ($ 2,499) and five-head ($ 3,499).

Build volume 360x360x360mm
Technology CoreXY FFF
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Extruders Up to 5
Bed 16 segments
Printing surface Magnetic steel sheets, removable
Power loss recovery Yes

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The image shown shows the Prusa XL 3D printer with five printheads. Photo via Prusa.

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