Process and control today | Increased accuracy: Robert Bosch GmbH selects new OMRON VT-X750 3D in-line CT X-ray inspection system

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are core components of many electrical devices, and the automotive industry is also increasingly dependent on PCBs that have no weak spots. To ensure optimum inspection quality, the international company Robert Bosch GmbH uses OMRON Technology. The third generation of the VT-X750 3D X-ray inspection system is based on high-speed computed tomography (CT) to ensure accurate and reliable inspection of hidden weld areas during production. Solder defects such as “head in the pillow” or void in BGA, LGA, THT and other discrete components can be detected much better than with other tomographic methods. The image quality of the CT process, for example, is significantly higher than that of laminography or tomosynthesis.

High speed and better resolution

Automotive applications require increasingly higher quality standards to comply with Autonomous Drive System Control Levels 4 and 5 by 2025. As a result, component development has become more sophisticated and powerful, where PCBs become smaller in this context, while their assembly density increases. . One hundred percent reliable circuit boards are essential due to the high demands on quality and safety. Due to the immense complexity of automotive components, the need for automatic and high quality testing has increased where international automotive groups place stringent requirements on the quality of inspection technology. With the VT-X750 3D-AXI AVL devices used by Bosch, inspection can be performed without stopping assembly. This ensures high speed with better resolution. The CT process provides true 3D data that operators and programmers can also use.

AI reduces programming time

Ultra-free processes are at the center of the VT-X750 units, the latest 3D CT AXI technology on the market. While traditional X-ray solutions are limited to inspecting components such as BGAs, LGAs or THTs, the VT-X750 uses high-speed computed tomography (CT). Technical enhancements have improved cycle times up to 1.5 times faster compared to our previous VT-X750 models, allowing the new VT-X750 to be the first viable in-line AXI CT solution. Added to this are innovative AI features that reduce programming time and take a lot of operator programming effort where BGAs are created in less than 60 seconds, including automatic extraction for precise measurement . The VT-X750 software adjusts image contrast by automatically correcting the X-ray tube voltage as well as the current exposure time and CT value. Self-propelled systems can be connected.

The VT-X750 supports Bosch and other users with advanced inspection for PCBA design without design limitations. Added to this is the complete processing of 3D CT data and the implementation of IoT projects for manufacturing. It thus makes a valuable contribution to streamlining PCB inspection, enhancing quality in the automotive industry, relieving employees and improving safety in general.

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