Prince Fans Can Browse ‘Purple Rain’ Artwork In ‘Immersive’ Exhibit

Prince fans will be able to browse the late artist’s iconic artwork “Purple Rain” in a new interactive exhibit.

As rolling stone reports, “Prince: The Immersive Experience” will be held at the Shops At North Bridge retail entertainment district in Chicago, Illinois from June 9 through October 9, 2022. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. CT next Thursday (March 31) – buy yours here.

Created by Superfly in partnership with the Prince Estate, the exhibit is described as “an interactive journey through Prince’s music and life” while showcasing the different musical eras and creative evolution of the musician.

In one room, attendees can interact with the cover of Prince’s sixth studio album from 1984. “You’re going to be able to step into a ‘Purple Rain’ album cover,” said Superfly co-founder Kerry Black. rolling stone.

“Where you can take your picture on the motorcycle. But we’re also doing a full construction of the whole street scene, aren’t we? So there will be the First Avenue club and a bunch of stores.

Elsewhere, the exhibition will feature a recreation of Studio A in Paisley Park, “which was [Prince’s] studio where he created all of his music from around 1990,” Black explained. “And in there, people are going to be able to go and kind of play the producer and mix some ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ bits.”

Additionally, former Prince lighting designer Roy Bennett worked with the creators to produce an audio-visual dance space. Fans will be able to admire pieces from the star’s original wardrobe as well as his instruments, as well as replicas and various photographs.

The Prince Estate and Superfly have reportedly been working on “Prince: The Immersive Experience” for the past few years.

“They really brought us into his world,” Black said. “They put us in touch with many important people that he worked with. And so we can really make sure it’s genuine.

Superfly – which co-founded Bonnaroo and co-produced the Outside Lands festivals – has previously produced IP “experiments” based on popular TV shows, including The experience of friends and The desktop experience.

Meanwhile, Prince’s estate is currently locked in a legal battle with an Ohio winery that sells a “Purple Rain Concord” wine.

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