Pivot to Progress: How 3D technology is transforming our design industry


Join this designer discussion to find out how the designer community can improve their workflows using 3D art. Find out how to better communicate with customers in a new way, using 3D resources from your favorite suppliers. Provide beautiful images before projects are executed. Find out what 3D project presentations look like in VR glasses.


Sangeeta Gupta

Owner / CEO, Dôme Deco US at Decor Concepts LLC

Biography :

Sangeeta holds a Masters in Computer Science with a background in Economics, and in 2018 she became the owner and CEO of Dôme Deco US. Filling the right niche for the void in the US market, Sangeeta has worked tirelessly to research high-end and luxury contemporary furniture brands. Focusing on the extent of the brand’s success in the United States, she has managed several global markets by developing a precise American strategy, while recruiting the perfect team to serve visible buyers.

Jennifer farrell

Interior Designer / Founder, Jennifer Farrell Designs

Biography :

She has been a TV host, national spokesperson, real estate correspondent on Fox News, spokesperson for realtor.com, and an expert in interior design. Jennifer has all the experience in the field and a list of accommodations to her credit. Uncompromising with the ways of the world, Jennifer has won awards in many different industries and continues to be successful in a variety of fields.

Christophe Grubb

President / Interior Designer, Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc.

Biography :

A passion and a fire for interior design was born in Christopher when he founded his company in 1994. His mission was simple: to develop interior and exterior design experiences that are distinct, compelling and of quality. superior, as unique as each customer. Since then, his firm has won countless awards and is regularly featured in the national and international press. With 25 years of experience, Christopher’s knowledge in residential, commercial, medical, health and beauty, retail and upscale hospitality has proven his recognition time and time again.

Tracy Metro

TV Host and Interior Designer, Tracy Metro Designs

Biography :

While studying set design at NYU’s TISCH School of the Arts, Tracy soon realized that “low budget bespoke interiors” had become her life calling. Arriving on the scene with her own show “House Doctor” on the British channel Channel 5, she then worked on the Oprah Winfrey network with “Home Made Simple”. She has appeared on many other shows including “Home & Family” by Hallmark, “Designing Spaces” by TLC and many more. Combining her esoteric style with interior design, she continues to amaze her fans by working effortlessly alongside her clients.

Thomas Wolosik

Creative Director, Visualizer Plus

Biography :

With a master’s degree in architectural design, Thomas has utilized his broad scope in aptitude in two fields, both creativity and technology. Using the feats of his abilities, he pushed Visualizer Plus beyond new limits. Designing and building in-house DAM software for 3D assets, developing branding, product and creative strategy processes, and building teams of 3D artists and web developers are just a fraction of his achievements. A strong designer with an even keen eye for the smallest detail, Thomas Wolosik is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Patti Charpentier

Co-founder, The Kaleidoscope Project

Biography :

A microenterprise specialist in craft development, Patti Carpenter has designed for high-end brands like Bloomindales, Sferra, Neiman Marcus, Crate & Barrel, The Phillips Collection and many more. She was acclaimed and won the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2008. A board member of SERV, Sales Exchange for Refugee Rehabilitation and Vocations, Patti selflessly works to volunteer for several unprecedented organizations.

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