Pioneer Woman Just Released Wallpaper and Wall Decals in New Prints

Photo Credit: The Pioneer Woman / Walmart

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If you’re a big fan of The Pioneer Woman, you’ve probably gotten used to seeing Ree Drummond’s beautiful prints on your tables and counters. After all, everything of its products, including the coveted slow cooker, feature the same cheerful, vibrant designs and floral designs.

And thanks to Walmart’s The Pioneer Woman wallpaper, all that beauty doesn’t have to be relegated to the kitchen. Why not spread the love and decorate your whole home with Ree-approved designs? Bedrooms, bathrooms, mudrooms, basements…it’s fair game. You name it, you can probably wallpaper it! Plus, with all new prints and colors, there truly is a design for everyone’s decorative style.

The best part? Unlike many wallpapers, this one is incredibly easy to apply to any smooth flat surface. No, really: it’s actually a “peel and stick” vinyl wallpaper, which means it doesn’t require any glue or water, and you can remove and reposition it instantly. Plus, it’s safe to use on painted walls and leaves no sticky residue when peeled off. Perfect for those of you who love DIY, renters or homeowners!

Of course, on the practical side, you’re probably the most curious about the new models that just dropped. There are so many pretty prints to choose from, like the beautifully floral Fancy Flourish, the simple and soft Pretty Posies, the whimsical Evie, the colorful polka dot Floral Geo and even the classic yet chic Tonal Scallop. And get this: each of these prints is available in several different colors! Some designs come in an 18 inch by 18.86 foot roll, while some prints are 20.5 inches by 18 feet. And each roll is printed on safe, high-quality media. With all of these options, it’s hard to choose just one as the new focal point of your home. (Because trust us, they’ll be the center of attention!) So if you choose multiple prints to redecorate each season, we’re then here for that.

But decorating the walls is just the beginning! You can use the new wallpaper to give a floral touch to your fridge, create and frame DIY wall art, line the back of a bookcase or open shelf, personalize a small office…it doesn’t matter. There really is no end to the possibilities!

As if that weren’t enough, Ree has also launched a collection of new wall decals! They’re perfect for those who want to quickly add a little something extra to their spaces, whether it’s a border in the bathroom or a sprinkling of pattern on a bedroom accent wall or of the kitchen. These new designs include Sweet Romance flowers with quotes like “Love Blooms Here”, kitchen measures with cute measuring cup designs and even precious ranch animals. You will also find Garden Fresh and Fancy Flourish.

They range from 19 pieces to 52 pieces, and you’ll love the variety they give you, especially since their peel and stick backing allows you to remove or reposition them without causing damage.

Here’s to brightening up every inch of your home with joy, color and creativity!

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