Pet Therapy: Atelier Biagetti creates large lamps for cats

Atelier Biagetti’s big lunar cats are good for us felines

Atelier Biagetti collaborated with Labseventy on an installation at Milan Design Week 2022 featuring giant, docile cats

Pets have long been recognized as a comforting presence in a home, but now they’re also functional, thanks to playful new installations from Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari, the duo behind Atelier Biagetti.

The Pet Shop The project, a site-specific installation, was unveiled as part of Milan Design Week 2022. The collaboration with Labseventy, which takes place inside Atelier Biagetti in Piazza Arcole, encompasses pieces that are not as they first appear, adding a dreamlike quality to a domestic space. Innocent childhood motifs are laced with teasing features, tempting passersby, who can choose how they interact with them.

Pet Shop. Image © Alessandro Saletta

The giant cats, lounging in the space, are functional sculptures that double as lamps. They lie down next to seats placed in the shade of palm trees, surrounded by coconut palms that illuminate the space. Design elements taken from a Fellini film are encapsulated in pops of color, with viewers invited to perch on multicolored spheres in a subversion of domesticity. The boundaries are further blurred with the inclusion of an NFT cuckoo clock created with Vitruvio Virtual Reality, a collective of designers and 3D artists, which brings digital surreality to physical space.

For Atelier Biagetti, this is the latest immersive environment that explores human behaviors and the eclectic interests of society, with an oblique look at the world. Biagetti and Baldassari’s pieces, designed to encourage users to reevaluate the familiarity of a landscape, offer playful interpretations of classical forms.

The duo’s collaboration with Labseventy, a network of producers, for this collection came naturally, thanks to a common interest in exploring the possibilities of objects for indoors and outdoors; these adaptable pieces launched in Milan will bring a whimsical touch to any space. §

Animal therapy. Image © Alessandro Saletta

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