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TR PHOTO BY TREVOR BABCOCK – Marshalltown Arts and Culture Alliance Director Amber Danielson and Marshalltown Public Arts Committee Chair Ben Fletcher (right) chat with school board members from the opportunity to bring a public artwork to the Marshalltown Performing Arts Center.

A new piece of art will be installed outside the Marshalltown Performing Arts Center.

The Marshalltown Performing Arts Center Foundation and the Marshalltown Community School District, in partnership with the Marshalltown Arts and Culture Alliance, announced finalist Stephen T. Johnson’s “Scherzo” sculpture will be permanently installed at the Marshalltown Performing Arts Center later this fall.

“We are really excited to show the community how beautiful this installation is and to welcome them to the Performing Arts Center,” Amber Danielson, director of the Marshalltown Arts and Culture Alliance, said.

She shared the process with the Marshalltown Community School District School Board at the regular Monday night meeting.

After calling for artists nationally, the selection committee received 49 nominations from across the country.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO – A graphic of Stephen Johnson’s “Scherzo” artwork that will be installed this fall outside the Marshalltown Performing Arts Center located at Marshalltown High School. The left represents the view during the day while the right represents the view at night.

Danielson said the selection committee was blown away by the talent of the artists who answered the call. After narrowing down the selections to three finalists, she said they sought input from students and community members before finalizing their decision.

Danielson said the piece meets project goals such as, “Celebrate, ignite and amplify the arts, provide a mind-blowing factor that invites people to step into the installation, pay homage to the long history and talented artists who have performed in the installation, and balance and exemplify support for the arts at alongside the existing athletics support on the high school campus.

She thanked the Marshalltown Performing Arts Center Foundation for raising over $ 50,000 to support the project. She said the installation is scheduled for October.

The Marshalltown Performing Arts Center is located in Marshalltown High School and features performances by the school choir, orchestra, band, dance studios and the “Live on stage” series.

The artwork will be placed just outside the entrance to the Marshalltown Performing Arts Center.

In other cases …

The board approved the goals of Superintendent Theron Schutte and the Board of Education for the 2021-2022 school year. The goals of the board include “Improved student outcomes for all students”, “Engage in meaningful learning and development of the board of directors”, and “Clear communication and visibility for all stakeholders”.

The Superintendent’s goals include developing a schedule of presentations throughout the coming year at board meetings reviewing data and trends on student growth and achievement. Particular attention will be paid to strategies aimed at bridging achievement gaps, accelerated learning and chronic absenteeism. Another goal of Schutte is to facilitate the development of a plan to improve communications and marketing, with goals and action steps to be established for implementation.

Marshalltown High School principal Jacque Wyant introduced a new deputy principal to the school board. Mark Finken will come to Marshalltown from the Waukee Community School District where he taught ninth grade language arts for 14 years. He began his educational career at Des Moines Public Schools working in a classroom for students with behavioral disabilities. Wyant said Finken was excited, engaged and asking a lot of questions as he prepared for the year ahead.


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