peel 3d disrupts the 3D scanning market with completely redesigned professional-grade 3D scanners

Discover new 3D scanning powerhouses with peel 3 and peel 3.CAD

LEVIS, QC, September 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — peel 3d, developers of the best professional-grade 3D scanners that deliver superior value at unmatched prices, today announced the launch of peel 3 and peel 3.CAD, two new scanners that will elevate the experience 3D scanning for professional users in many different industries without compromising accessibility.

Peel 3 and Peel 3.CAD handle like a charm as they feature a redesigned ergonomic design like no other on the market and an intuitive multi-function touch interface. User-first haptic vibration communication simplifies the generation of high-quality 3D scans, regardless of user skill level. Improved resolution and performance for more complex geometries, surfaces and colors provide additional versatility for 3D scanning any type of object.

peel 3 comes with peel.OS, an easy-to-use data acquisition software to process, clean, align, enhance and export 3D scan data. The peel 3.CAD package, which combines peel 3 with peel.CAD reverse engineering software, is designed for users who want to turn 3D scans into CAD-ready files.

“In addition to the improved performance specifications and innovative design of the new Peel 3D scanners, the fact that every 3D scanner can be supported with integrated and powerful scan-to-CAD software is something the market has never had before. seen before for this category of 3D scanner measurement solutions,” explains François Leclerc, Program Manager at peel 3d. “This clearly shows our commitment to democratizing the entire 3D scanning experience for users in many different fields. .”

Leclerc mentions that this new generation of Peel 3D scanners can be leveraged for a myriad of applications, including: augmented reality, virtual reality and digital content, automotive, product design, healthcare, MRO and manufacturing. engineering, education and the preservation of art and heritage.

peel 3 is priced at USD $8490while peel 3.CAD is offered for USD $11.990—fantastic prices for budget-conscious customers.

Designed and manufactured in Canada and powered by Creaform’s renowned 3D scanning technologies, Peel 3D scanners are produced and calibrated to North American standards to ensure class-leading durability, reliability and accuracy. This gives users peace of mind knowing that their 3D scanning investment will stand the test of time.

peel 3d customers can also opt for VIpeel, an exclusive premium service and investment protection program, which includes free software updates, extended hardware repair coverage, and more. peel 3d has also redesigned a series of accessories to complement its new 3d scanners.

“peel 3 and peel 3.CAD are the culmination of customer feedback as well as market needs that we have observed over the past few months,” explained Leclerc. “The entire peel 3d team believes that 3D scanning users, whether beginners or seasoned professionals, should never have to compromise between performance and price. Today’s launch is proof of the value we bring to the table.”

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