Oza Sabbeth’s Living Levels House Tour in Sagaponack

A residential project by Oza Sabbeth, the Bridgehampton, New York-based architecture studio, creates a new domestic topography on a hilly site near Sagaponack. The studio, led by founders Nilay Oza and Peter Sabbeth, took inspiration from the complexity of the landscape and the local vernacular to compose a series of “shed-like” forms for this new family home – welcome to Living Levels .

Pitched roof on wood-clad house in Sagaponack

(Image credit: Michael Moran)

Oza Sabbeth’s composition for Living Levels

Living Levels’ selection of volumes feature clean geometries and sloping roofs, referencing the region’s agricultural barns. The wood cladding of the upper forms adds to the vernacular reference. However, they all come together seamlessly around the exterior spaces of the house. Inside, “a staircase weaves its way through these forms, connecting them experimentally from the inside, while allowing them to remain visually distinct when viewed from the outside,” explain the architects of Oza. Sabbath.

barn exterior like american house

(Image credit: Michael Moran)

Each space within has been designed to frame a specific view and function in harmony with its context. A guest bedroom in the basement overlooks the plot’s grove of mature trees. A generous first floor hosts the entrance, the living room, the kitchen, the dining area and a family room, directing the gaze towards the garden and its swimming pool. Meanwhile, upstairs, the master bedroom offers views towards the farmhouse to the south, balancing privacy and connection with its surroundings. This is followed by more bedroom areas on the highest level.

living space with sloping ceiling

(Image credit: Michael Moran)

Clean surfaces, a restrained material palette throughout (including light wood and white painted plaster), along with the sparsely furnished decor, allow for an uncluttered approach to the interiors, matching the project’s overall take on minimalist architecture .

living space covered with wood in the house

(Image credit: Michael Moran)

Oza Sabbeth is a skilled hand when it comes to residential architecture. The studio often works on a masterful blend of styles and typologies from its region, and contemporary materials, techniques and forms. Along the same lines, this Sagaponack house connects to its surroundings while offering a contemporary proposal for a country home.

wooden wall in the bedroom

(Image credit: Michael Moran)

Wood clad interior of Sagaponack house with open countryside views

(Image credit: Michael Moran)


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