Opinion: Lancashire has nothing up to the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap – Rebecca Lockwood

I had enough. Last weekend I visited a food and drink festival. I browsed all the shiny independent stalls and found myself queuing to pay £8.50 for a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap. ‘How?’ and why?’ That’s exactly what I faced at the time, but it’s obvious.

Lancashire has nothing to live up to the absolute pinnacle of British cuisine that is the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap (editor’s note: the butter pie is vastly superior and we apologize for the upcoming review)

The food festival I attended was hosted by Lancaster Brewery over the May bank holiday weekend. Even in the gloomy weather, people sat outside on benches drinking pints and taking regular walks to Kick Ass Cheese tasters. Inside, a band was playing jazz music and everything was very happy.

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Outside, food stalls, bespoke drink stalls and even charities lined the brasserie’s outdoor space and in about 20 minutes we walked around each one. There was pizza, there was Jamaican food, churros and even Greek food.

But I knew that I would not be influenced. The second I spotted the white van with ‘Yorkshire Pudding Wraps’ written across the top in bright red font, my mind was set and my slightly above average Sunday afternoon was about to turn into one of the best days of my life.

For those who have not indulged in the pleasure of a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap, here is what it is: A large Yorkshire pudding filled with a meat (usually your choice, I regularly opt for Turkey), stuffing , mashed potatoes and vegetables topped with sauce.

The dining experience isn’t the prettiest, no, but once you’re there you care what you might look like trying to navigate such a huge Yorkshire pudding, just take your mind off it. It’s a situation without thoughts, Yorkshire pudding and it’s sacred. I could look like a pig poking its snout in the mud and I’d be really happy about it.

A Yorkshire Pudding Wrap with peas, mashed potatoes, turkey and stuffing COVERED in a gravy

“If you paid more than £6 for it, it’s not worth it,” said my boyfriend, Max, as if he were Martin Lewis himself.

The tricky thing here is that I know £8 is more expensive, but that’s new. I’m almost glad there isn’t a restaurant near me that serves them regularly out of fear for my bank balance.

That’s when it hit me. Lancashire has nothing to do with the gift of a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap. Sure, I bought it in Lancaster, so what am I even talking about, but it’s literally in a yorkshire Pudding. We cannot claim that.

Do you think Lancashire has anything better than a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap? Let us know in the comments

Even now I’m racking my brains to find something that could deal with it in a Yorkshire Tea VS Lancashire Tea battle, but what do we have?

Butter tarts are one of the greatest inventions of Lancashire artisans. I know this because when I first tried one, my only downside was that I hadn’t had one sooner. Sitting next to a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap, it’s sudden The Earth mistakenly announced as Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars.

We also have Morecambe Potted Shrimp, again another strong but incomparable contender. Lancashire is also home to the best black pudding company, but after a miner’s breakfast I’m not bothered.

Until someone can prove me wrong, I’m going to have to keep saying it. Lancashire have nothing that can knock out a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap in the sixth round of a heavyweight championship. I’d say I’m not happy with it, but it’s too good an invention to sift through.

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