Opening of an art bar at the Brussels Maniera gallery for artistic evenings

A Brussels gallery opens an art bar for experimental evenings

1b is a new art bar designed by Koenraad Dedobbeleer, hosting a series of art and drink-filled evenings hosted by a list of acclaimed artists

Brussels gallery Maniera brings together good design and good company under one roof with a new series of ephemeral evenings in its art bar, hosted by artists, architects, designers and curators.

The evenings will take place in a gallery space entitled ‘1b’, designed by Belgian artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer. Dedobbeleer is best known for creating sculptural installations from everyday objects such as chairs, tables, brooms and water bottles, in order to offer new perceptions of things we so often take for granted.

“1b” is a continuation of this work with Maniera transformed into an almost surreal landscape filled with modular chairs, twisted candlesticks and table lamps in the shape of soft ice cream.

Until mid-January, this unique bar area will host a series of evenings organized by creators such as American artist and sculptor Rita McBride, who experiments with design and architectural objects; the “protean” artist Pierre Leguillon, known for reworking mass media images; and the creator of experimental glassware Marta Armengol.

The series of events is the 21st century equivalent of the ‘Happenings’ of the 1960s in New York City, with each party’s host artist dictating the music, food, performance, and overall atmosphere of the night. Guests are welcome to come out and engage with the art and the people around them. It is a place of jovial conversations between old and new friends, as well as a place of stimulating intellectual discussions between fellow art lovers.

“A good bar is a space to share pleasant moments in the company of friends or acquaintances”, explains architect Asli Çiçek of the project. “Where easy chatting and deeper conversations merge in the midst of good drinks… As an interior typology, the bar is one of the most pleasant spaces to design and live. ”

‘1b’ is certainly a bar that promises to be enjoyable by offering a bouquet of life’s most immediate pleasures – art, music, drinks and good company. The series of events will take place once a week at the Maniera gallery until January 14, 2022. §

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