Ocean plastic recovered and 3D printed in design objects in a department store

3D printing and department stores don’t seem like a natural choice. But Selfridges, a British chain, has launched a pop-up store in London that features a massive 3D-printing robot arm as its main attraction.

The pop-up store is called SUPERMARKET, and the idea is to represent “an eco-friendly store of the future” where customers do not buy items in stock, but items made on demand from products recycled. For example, the robotic arm, which was provided as part of a collaboration between Parley from the Oceans and ABB Robotics.

On display is a collection of plastic waste recovered by Parley for the Oceans. Alongside them is the robot arm, printing objects created by design brand Nagami, using Parley Ocean Plastic®. The customer is expected to fill in the blanks.

“By reusing plastic from the world’s oceans to print design objects,” says Marc Segura, President of ABB Robotics, “we are helping to highlight the important contribution of robots to creating sustainable manufacturing processes at the heart of ‘a circular economy’.

“Parley Ocean Plastic® was invented to catalyze change in response to marine plastic pollution and the destruction of our oceans. Together with two industry leaders, ABB and Nagami, we can now print on demand anywhere in the world to turn a problem into a solution Beyond the huge potential for reducing waste by printing directly at outlets like Selfridges, we want to use this technology to empower local communities around the world, giving them the tools needed to turn local plastic pollution into business opportunities and useful objects, climate and life.”

— Cyrill Gutsch, Founder and CEO of Parley

For those of you in London, SUPERMARKET is at Selfridges Corner Shop on Oxford Street and will be running for the next four weeks.

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