NVIDIA GauGAN2 AI Can Create Photorealistic Artwork

NVIDIA has released a new demonstration of its latest AI GauGAN in the form of GauGAN2 which uses deep learning models to transform written sentences or phrases into photorealistic images. Watch the quick demo video below to see the power of the system in action. By simply typing in a phrase, the GauGAN2 will automatically create an image based on your input, whether it’s ocean waves crashing on beach rocks or a landscape.

“The deep learning model behind GauGAN allows anyone to channel their imagination into photorealistic masterpieces – and it’s easier than ever. Just type in a phrase like “sunset on a beach” and the AI ​​generates the scene in real time. Add an additional adjective like “sunset on a rocky beach” or replace “sunset” with “afternoon” or “rainy day” and the model, based on contradictory generative networks, instantly changes the image. “

NVIDIA GauGAN2 Text to Image Conversion Technology

“With the push of a button, users can generate a segmentation map, a high-level outline that shows the location of objects in the scene. From there they can move on to drawing, polishing the scene with rough sketches using labels like sky, tree, rock, and river, allowing the smart brush to incorporate those scribbles into stunning images. The new GauGAN2 text-image functionality can now be experienced on NVIDIA AI Demos, where site visitors can experience AI through the latest demos from NVIDIA Research. With the versatility of text prompts and sketches, GauGAN2 allows users to create and customize scenes faster and with finer control.

“GauGAN2 combines segmentation mapping, inpainting and text-to-image generation in one model, making it a powerful tool for creating photorealistic art with a mixture of words and designs. The demo is one of the first to combine multiple modalities – text, semantic segmentation, sketching and styling – within a single GAN framework. This makes it faster and easier to transform an artist’s vision into a high-quality AI-generated image.

Source: NVIDIA

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