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Tim Sizemore’s commute has gotten a little longer.

In recent years, the owner of Northcoast Imprints has conducted business from a garage he had converted into a workshop at his home in Madison Township.

However, since July 1, Sizemore has been commuting between his house and a building at 7480 North Ridge Road in Madison Township daily. This building which had long been the seat of Hughes embroidery.

Tim Sizemore, owner of Northcoast Imprints, with scissors prepares to cut the ribbon at a recently held groundbreaking event at his company’s new location in Madison Township. Standing next to Sizemore, in front of a large ribbon, is his wife, Ann Sizemore. The grand opening took place at a Café and Contacts meeting of the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce. Sizemore has moved North Coast Imprints from a garage at his Madison Township home to the old Hughes Embroidery Building at 7480 North Ridge Road. (Bill DeBus / The News-Herald)

Sizemore purchased the embroidery business from owner Linn Hughes and converted it to the new location of Northcoast Imprints.

Although work is now further from home for Sizemore, he is not complaining. In fact, he is delighted that the relocation and acquisition of Hughes ’embroidery operation has allowed him to expand Northcoast Imprints’ line of products and services.

“I want to make a fuller circle and offer more items to customers,” he said.

A banner produced by Northcoast Imprints is displayed inside its new location at 7480 North Ridge Road in Madison Township. On July 1, North Coast Imprints moved to a building that had been occupied for many years by Hughes Embroidery. (Bill DeBus / The News-Herald)

After moving into the old Hughes building, Northcoast Imprints began providing embroidery services to clients for the first time in about five years.

Sizemore had purchased several commercial embroidery machines in 2013, when he decided to start Northcoast Imprints as a full-time business. However, as the sole employee of the company, Sizemore realized that embroidery was preventing him from diversifying his business.

So, in 2016, he sold the embroidery machines and started offering a wider variety of products, such as gifts, trophies and awards, in addition to printed clothing.

When Sizemore decided that Northcoast Imprints would take over embroidery at its new location, he kept one of Hughes’ employees, Kelee Ryder, to help him with this part of the business.

“She worked for Linn (Hughes, the previous owner) for 10 years,” Sizemore said.

Northcoast Imprints is now able to market itself as a locally owned and operated custom embroidery, printing and gift shop.

“We do everything you saw Linn do, embroidery and screen printing, but I also have a printer in the back where I can do full color banners and signs,” Sizemore said.

In addition, Sizemore recently purchased a new direct-to-garment printer.

“Printing directly on clothing is a great way to achieve color designs on shirts and clothing,” Sizemore said. “There is no limit to the colors and the print will look and feel great.”

Other items produced by Northcoast Imprints include murals, vehicle wraps, laser engraved and cut gifts, personalized clothing, wood and metal engravings, and custom printed ceramics and glass.

While Northcoast Imprints receives and fulfills many orders for large quantities of items, Sizemore said he also liked being able to provide customers with “one-offs” – a single gift or bespoke item.

“I want to be the local person who can do things that you might not be able to get elsewhere,” he said.

Customer response has been excellent since Northcoast Imprints launched operations at its new location about 3.5 months ago, Sizemore said.

“Old clients (of Hughes Embroidery) keep coming back and I have new clients coming in,” he said. “I am able to explain to former clients other things that we do here, so that we can help them. So it was really cool.

Additionally, Sizemore said he looks forward to continuing and hopefully enhancing the tradition of business excellence Linn Hughes established during his long period of occupation of the same building.

“I want to do as well – and better,” he said. “I hope my goal has always been to pleasantly surprise people with what we can and what we offer. So that’s what I’m looking for.

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