Nine art and design projects from the Chelsea College of Arts Graduate Showcase


A physiotherapy center designed to improve patients’ recovery and a project exploring the traditional weaving crafts of the Li people in Hainan Province of China are included in Dezeen’s latest school exhibit by students from Chelsea College of Arts.

There is also a textile installation referencing the importance of plants to a student during the coronavirus lockdown, and a textile project made from discarded tea and Irish moss.

The school: Chelsea College of the Arts

Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication, BA (Hons) Fine Art, BA (Hons) Interior Design, BA (Hons) Textile, Design BA (Hons) 3D Design (now BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design at Chelsea College of Arts), Graduate Diploma in Textile Design, Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts, Graduate Diploma in Interior Design and Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design

School statement:

“The challenges of the past year have placed Chelsea’s global networks at the forefront of our students’ experience.

“Working with classmates and colleagues internationally, our artists and designers have developed complex creative responses to social, cultural and political issues arising from uncertain circumstances.

“Chelsea College of Arts Graduate Showcase is the perfect place to discover new names in art, communication and design. You can see the work online at the Graduate Showcase Website. “

An audition by Katie Beddoe

“Led by both historical and modern contexts, this is a fun film and photography project that works at the intersection of several creative professions.

“Literature, textiles and dance interact to redesign the costumes of three Shakespearean characters. The project builds not only on their original forms, but also on later creations within ballet, film and popular culture. “

Student: Katie Beddoe
BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication

A beach in Greece with green and blue water

Live your myth in Greece by Katerina Mimikou

“Join us in Greece, where all your dreams can come true! Discover untold ancient myths, hang out with gods and goddesses, visit the place where true democracy was born. Have souvlaki, tzatziki, spanakopita! And some ouzo! And let’s break some plates.

“Many times these questions are asked: ‘Why have you already left such a beautiful country?’ and the much heard phrase “Stay abroad. Don’t come back to Greece.”

“Live Your Myth In Greece is a project based on the antithesis. The antithesis of darkness and light, of what is announced and happens in reality. Laughter and crying, the myth of a country and the real version, the intimacy and the impersonal.

“A project based on the crisis, personal and collective. It is a project on life in capitalism.”

Student: Katerina mimikou
Course: BA (Hons) Fine Arts

Plans of fish and coal offices at King's Cross

The Institute of the Intangible by Catrinel Visan

“The Intangible Institute is a cultural center placed in a century in the socio-cultural context of a community without gender. The project analyzes the influence that the absence of unconscious gender bias has on the built environment. It proposes an ultimate goal: the complete elimination of prejudices, presenting a society in which everyone focuses on the importance of multiculturalism and community living.

The proposal is located inside Fish and Coal’s current offices in King’s Cross, using the second and third units east to west due to their greater visibility on site. The first section houses a performance space where people can interact inside zero-gravity spheres.

“The second section of the building contains a sensory experience that awakens the five trivial human emotions on the ground floor, as a preparation for the cogitation journey placed on the first level through which people can experience the present or the past. aims to challenge unconscious prejudices and promote the beauty of multiculturalism and community life.

“The space is designed to adapt and evolve to the ever-changing needs of humans, the development of the space being organic within a fixed structure and following the strange architectural proposals while linking the aesthetics of binary spaces The whole design pursues the creation of a world, just as the process of gender elimination is aimed at eliminating sexual prejudice. “

Student: Catherine Visan
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design

Textile project based on dried flowers and moss

An alternative practice of Lora Aleksandrova

“I’m concerned about the waste that we as designers produce while working on a project. Even though the goal might be to create a durable object, the process still involves testing and models, which are thrown away and turn into waste.

“I wanted to change my practice through this project, which is why I called it“ An alternative practice ”. delicate subject.

“And even sustainability leaves an imprint on the environment. After coming to this conclusion, my project changed direction. Rather than trying to create a practical object from the material, I wanted to show the fragility of sustainability.

“The background is an essential part of the piece. I used the pieces of paper that got stained as the material dried. They are a symbolic sign of the imprint of a sustainable practice.”

Student: Lora alexandrova
BA (Hons) 3D Design (now BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design at Chelsea College of Arts)

A green moss textile project

Inside the greenhouse by Xianxuechun Xiao

“We were forced into a controlled environment with a lack of connection to the physical world, a non-native environment. This change in circumstances forced me to set up a safe space for myself, emphasizing the safe space set up. in place for the plants in the greenhouse and terrariums.I wanted to emphasize the feeling of being protected but restricted and trapped at home.

“It uses symbolism, metaphor and imagination in the textile art form. My project engages with the plant matter and nature around me, expressing the various frustrating attitudes about staying at home. for security and the desire for the outdoors and the future.

“‘Inside the Greenhouse’ is a collection of 3D textile art installations with mixed embroidery. Using machine embroidery with water soluble fabric and drying it in different unique 3D shapes to create unexpected 3D organic sculptures The unique stitch techniques with the fabric manipulation create both soft and intricate carvings. “

Student: Xianxuechun Xiao
Course: BA (Hons) Textile Design

A textile project with red and white patterns

A contemporary manifesto for traditional craftsmanship by Yifan Yang

“My project focuses on the traditional brocade weaving crafts of the Li people in Hainan Province, China. Li brocade textiles are a living fossil in Chinese textile history and represent the highest level of the world. Li crafts, covering three main techniques: spinning, tie-dyeing and weaving.

“These are three works that relate to the traditional craftsmanship of the Li people and are combined in an abstract way with contemporary art.

“The first two pieces provide a step-by-step interpretation of the traditional process of Li tie dyeing. By deconstructing the tie and herbal dyeing methods, they abstract the process and then design the artwork that uses the contemporary abstract art technique.

“In the video, images of the manufacturing process are reflected in the woven pieces, and this dynamic form of video is an independent statement of traditional craftsmanship in the context of contemporary art. This transformation is a continuation and interpretation traditional craftsmanship in the language of contemporary art. “

Student: Yifan yang
Course: Graduate Diploma in Textile Design

An art project of four men in white shirts

Broski by Joseph Ijoyemi

“My practice represents a critical view of social and cultural issues. I have a deep interest in mental health, the Black Lives Matter movement and African Nigerian culture.

“The inspiration for my work comes from my own life experience and conversations with my community. My goal is to tell a story. Each project usually consists of several works grouped together around specific themes and meanings to create a series. A new work usually stems from personal research and key events in my life. “

Student: Joseph Ijoyemi
Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts

A rehabilitation center with brown and white patterns

Physio-rehabilitation of the Royal Brompton hospital by Zainab Al-Rawi

“Physiotherapy at Royal Brompton Hospital is designed to help patients engage with other patients with similar health issues.

“It’s about exercising and improving patient recovery by combining patients, patient families and children in a fun atmosphere and helping patients exercise with confidence. independently.

“This design is an eco-friendly, self-contained sculpture in which most physiotherapy equipment is integrated.”

Student: Zainab Al Rawi
Course: Graduate Diploma Interior Design

A purple and green graphic design project

Time Rebels by Thais Mota

“The manifesto was one of the essential tools of this project. Placing the Time Rebels movement in the real world and defining its values ​​guided me through the process. I designed participatory open access workshops where each idea was formed from the concepts mentioned in the movement manifesto.

“I used different approaches – stamping, layering, filling in spaces, and drawing according to arbitrary instructions – to interact with the highlighted concepts.”

Student: Thai Mota
Course: Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design

Content of the partnership

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and Chelsea College of Arts. Learn more about the content of the Dezeen partnership here.

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