NFTs Gain Popularity as NFT Runway Launches Unique 3D Phygital Project

NFT track launched a unique phygital fashion show project encompassing designer fashion and an NFT metaverse from December 3-5. The company organized this event in collaboration with the 3DREAL team to underline their desire to create opportunities for designers in the next NFT economy.

NFT Runway Creates Highly Interactive Futuristic Fashion Show

NFT Runway and 3DREAL made the first interactive fashion show for San Francisco Fashion Community Week from December 3-5. The show was broadcast simultaneously on Gamer Jibe and their metaverse. In addition, it was an opportunity for designers to submit their IRL products to auction. These products were to be accompanied by their NFT versions of OHZONE 3DREAL patented technology.

This event was unique in that it could also allow the public to “go up” on the track to see every element in great detail. All things had avatars that could move in all angles and in all directions to enhance these features. The designers involved were KROST, Jazmine Schmerber (EQUILIBRE LA) and Justin Haynes (JUS10H).

The auction established an NFT endowment in favor of A warm coat, Fashion incubator, and Turtles fly too with perpetual turnover. These organizations help people and animals while campaigning for volunteerism and environmental sustainability. According to OHZONE CEO Oh Tepmongkol, he was happy that they had succeeded in making this NFT project an opportunity to intertwine technology and the fashion industry. He also said his organization was grateful for providing an opportunity for freelance designers.

Find out more about the NFT Runway Fashion Show

According to One Warm Coat President and CEO Beth W. Amodio, she is grateful that her company is a beneficiary of the show. Before the show, she said she was happy her business was spreading its wings to accomplish its mission of providing free coats to anyone in need. She added that every $ 1 One Warm Coat received through the virtual show would help someone somewhere.

The event was hosted by Melissa Shea of ​​Fashion Mingle and presented by OHZONE Inc. This show is one of the top humanitarian events as 50% of its proceeds went to charity as part of the main phygital auction . Charities also received 2% of the 10% proceeding in the secondary auction. At the same time, artists receive 8% from the same auction.

NFT, find utility far from just a global craze

Non-fungible tokens started out as a craze. However, their utility in the crypto space and the natural world is changing at a very rapid rate. Some musicians are already selling their work as NFTs on a relatively short notice.

Other fields like sports and manufacturing industries are also looking to this technology to make a difference in their services. Recently, Adidas and Nike said they are joining the crypto space through NFTs. Currently, Nike already has a few working NFT projects. The most recent actual application of this project is the NFT Runway Mode Project. However, it remains to be seen whether NFT technology will reshape the planet.

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