New temple mural brings children’s artwork to life to support McLane patients

TEMPLE, Texas — Volunteer artists are using children’s artwork to create a 45-panel mural along the Market Loop in Temple that people can view on their way to McLane Children’s Hospital.

The artwork selected from the mural was selected from a group of over 200 submissions from local children.

The city selected 45 to be part of the mural. One of these volunteer artists, Pauline Wiebelhaus, was working to recreate her third design alongside her fiancé on Friday afternoon.

“It’s so hard to be a kid these days. And for these kids to see their paintings on the wall, it kinda gives them chills,” Wiebelhaus said.

Wiebelhaus was painting another child’s drawing, Charlotte Hutaff, 7, when Charlotte and her mother drove by.

“We see two little pink Converse come out of the truck and run towards us and of course she goes, ‘Is that Charlotte’s painting? ‘” Wiebelhaus said.

Charlotte was thrilled to tell her friends at school that her design had been featured on the mural.

“Guess what, last summer I had to draw a picture for a competition, then they chose it to put on the mural! ” she says.

The mural is located on the main thoroughfare of McLane Children’s Hospital, connecting it to 31st Street. Temple city said 25 News it is intended to cheer up families on the way to the hospital during difficult times.

The city does not have a specific timeline for the project, as it is entirely based on volunteer availability and weather.

He asks anyone interested in volunteering to complete the mural to contact the city for more information.

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