New artwork proposed for the Hayes Paddock area

New works of art may soon grace the city’s shores, with the first step in a public art proposal approved by Hamilton City Council.

The MESH Sculpture Hamilton charitable foundation proposed the new sculpture for the Hayes Paddock area in Hamilton East at the community committee meeting Thursday (November 25).

It would be located near the playground in the middle of the natural park. The intention of the work would be to highlight the green space, already appreciated by many.

Community committee chairperson Councilor Mark Bunting said the artwork donated by generous groups like MESH helps create a sense of pride and identity for the city.

“Public art helps us tell breathtaking stories in every corner of Hamilton. We are fortunate to have four MESH artworks across town already and I am so excited to see the Hayes Paddock project completed – I have no doubt this will make a spectacular area even more spectacular. While we don’t yet know what the artwork would look like, the brief we received today lends itself to something quite interactive, innovative, and very, very cool.

“Hayes Paddock is a place where many Hamiltonians go to play, exercise and connect along the river path or on the playground. MESH’s gift has the potential to add vibrancy to an already beloved place.

MESH’s Board of Directors follows a well-developed process to select a suitable site as well as a curatorial process led by new curator Laree Payne, of Laree Payne Gallery, to select the right artist and concept to add to it. which is emerging as one of the best public art collections in New Zealand, while working as part of the Council’s public art process.

This fifth MESH project will be the first work of art considered under the permanent public art policy recently adopted by the Council. The proposal will continue in the second stage of the new process.

The three key themes of the artist’s dossier would be nature, texture and movement / play, to align with the green and playful space of the area.

“I am delighted to be working on Project 5, the Hayes Paddock Project,” said Laree. “To date, MESH and the donors have donated four fantastic works to the city, all located in very central locations. In response to the proposed location, I am excited about the idea of ​​a work that fits well within a community setting and against the lush, verdant backdrop that is the Hayes Paddock Reserve.

“I look forward to meeting some of Aotearoa’s most exciting contemporary artists and learning more about their thoughts, ideas and proposals for the site.”

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