MORS PRINCIPIUM EST Releases New Single “The Lust Called Knowledge”; New album cover and tracklist revealed

April 8 will see Finnish melodic death metal machine Mors Principium Est release their new album, Liberate The Unborn Inhumanity, via AFM Records.

For Liberate The Unborn Inhumanity, vocalist Ville Viljanan reunited with the original line-up, Mors Principium Est guitarists and co-founders Jori Haukio and Jarko Kokkoo, and bassist Teemu Heinola joining the band. With new drummer Marko Tommila, the new old line-up exudes the power of a real band without compromise.

The group released the new single “The Lust Called Knowledge”. Check it out below.

List of tracks:

“Cleansing Rain”
“The Child of Eternity”
“The Unborn Child”
“Lust Called Knowledge”
“Valley of Sacrifice, Part 1”
“Two steps away”
“The Animal Within”
“Life in black”
“Valley of Sacrifice, Part 2”

“Lust Called Knowledge”

“Valley of Sacrifice, Part 1”

Line up:
Ville Viljanan – vocals
Jori Haukio – guitars, programming
Jarkko Kokko – guitars
Teemu Heinola – bass
Marko Tommila – drums

Photo by Sami Teeri

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